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    Our knowledge is a drop in the ocean

    We all get education during our growing years and then acquire knowledge and continue acquiring more in our workplaces or other such engagements. Slowly we start feeling that we have learned much and feel good about it. But in reality the knowledge is like an ocean and we have in fact taken probably a drop from it. So, in my opinion we should be humble enough about our learnings and must understand that we are still in the beginning of the learning path and with such perception it is imperative that we would not attempt a false show of knowledge and skills. Do you agree that our learnings or acquisition of knowledge are a drop in the ocean?

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    No one is perfect. No one is complete. No one has achieved everything in life. No one has enjoyed complete happiness. No one is fully educated. We all are swimming in the ocean to reach the other bank, but the ocean has no end to call it as other bank.

    You may say that the knowledge we acquired is only an ocean drop. But there are people who have a bottle of ocean water or a bucket of ocean water. They are some people with great wisdom and knowledge. They are our teachers.

    Even God was incomplete with his knowledge. in the Puranas, Lord Karthikeya asked his dad Shiva a question, and Shiva could not answer Him. Finally, Karthikeya asked his dad Shiva to bow down as a student and listen to Him. Shiva did it without any hesitation. This is to show that no one is perfect in this world.

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    It is difficult for us even to understand the knowledge of what is already it was discovered well before us. We are struggling to understand things what is already present around us. If you go through the various functional aspects of our body itself you will really find it how complicated it will be and thus you can say whatever knowledge we think we are having is nothing but a drop of water in the ocean.

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    Long ago, Sir Isaac Newton said something similar. He compared the knowledge he gained with collecting pebbles on the shore of a sea known as knowledge. We all are doing that only. Knowledge is such a sea which is filled up continuously. There is no end to knowledge and there is no end of subjects either. It is neither possible to know everything nor anybody will ever try to venture out in such a sea. Our limit will remain at collecting drops only. After knowing something one may feel that she/he has learned enough and mastered the subject. Actually this learning is limited to only two things. Either one is learning according to what is mentioned in the syllabus or one is learning out of interest. Both have limitations and one cannot remain interested in every aspect of every issue. Somebody made a popular funny quote in Bengali that means since there is no end to knowledge it's better not to try to gain knowledge.

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    There is a saying in Tamil 'Katrathu kaiyalavu; kallaathathu ulgalavu"-which means that what we had learned is just a handful and what is left to be learnt is infinitely large.
    Knowledge around us is so vast that it is not be possible for anyone to know everything in this world. Most of us are 'Koopa mandookam" only-- like a frog in the well. For a frog residing inside a well that is universe. It feels the well as the largest until it sees a pond and then a sea.
    We humans are like that. We do not know what is inside our own body. We cannot see it. But still we move around with bloated ego.
    The more we learn the more humble and polite we become."Vidya dataami vinayam". This is because while learning more and more we find that what is left is much more what we learnt is just a speck.

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    You have rightly said that what we know seems to be just the amount of a drop in comparison to the vast ocean of knowledge that lies in front of us. There is a famous saying that the more you know, the more you know about how less you know. In other words, as we gradually enrich the repertoire of our knowledge, we come to understand how little we actually know.
    Poulami Bakshi

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    Thinking that we know a lot is foolish in my opinion. We start learning from the moment we came to this earth and we will be learning till our last moment and there is no end for this process as long as you are here. But what we learn in our lifetime is just like a drop in the ocean. As a matter fact Brahma the creator gave a little portion of Vedas to Maharshi Vyasa and Vyasa couldn't complete learning that small portion also. In such case why to think that we know everything.
    We know that a leaf which is having all types of foods served on it will never try to fly. A vessel full of water will not make much noise. An empty glass makes much noise. and empty leaf flies more. In the same fashion a person who tries to say that he knows everything will know nothing.
    What we know is even less than a droplet of water in the ocean. So we have to be humble and down to earth always and there is always scope for further learning. We all should remember this.

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    The knowledge which we gained in our life is nothing of value in our life. Every man is not having enough fully capabilities to deal with all the powers he gained in their career life. For a person who has done degree qualifications, postgraduate degree and after that doing doctoral studies, and many believe that after these three degrees everyone thinks that their education career is up to the mark and no one can question their knowledge of power which they have acquired in life. After certain age we believe that all the educational qualifications which we earned in our life is of good and many of us do not analyze that our country is still in poverty and why can't we do business in our country and why can't we eradicate this poverty from our life?.
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    Our mere learning in the schools and the colleges and even afterwards with some magazines and papers indicate how poorly we have managed our knowledge. Up to the college level, we were guided with the college - syllabus and even our knowledge did not cover fully to that chapter. However, some of us were seen highly satisfied with their scorings and a sense of complacency was observed while talking to them..
    They are the happy people not bothering their poor knowledge and they would not like to have further acquisitions to update their knowledge since their aim has been fulfilled with a bunch of certificates reflective of their vast knowledges. They have no sense of dissatisfaction either otherwise they could sustain their efforts to enrich their knowledge.

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    Knowledge is like that, more we learn more we find there, yet to be learned.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Present knowledge is the outcome of so many generations and their work and we cannot take even a small part of it in our lifetime. More knowledge is being added to the pool of knowledge each day and it is becoming bigger.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Time and again I have said in this forum that no one is fully educated and if some one says that he has completed degree or the B tech courses and got a good job by choice and says that he has completed education and need not gain knowledge further is the fool. Education is never ending process and we have to update ourselves daily. I feel a child in front of the great learned persons and we know many things even from the children we get ashamed that we have not learned the same during our childhood. One thing is sure life a big mountain and education is a big ocean, when we keep on trying to scale the mountain, we could do better with good knowledge and learning through daily lesson of education. And with good education even the work can be done smarter and not harder and thus we can save money and time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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