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    July 12: National Paper Bag Day

    In India, the plastic industry was started in 1957 and thereafter it became the part of the life of every Indian. But by 1994, plastic waste became a nuisance. Then the Government made several guidelines and policies to manage the problem created because of plastic waste. However, nowadays we all are trying to minimise the use of plastic bags but the important thing is that sustainable things must replace plastic bags like paper bags or paper bags made of recycled paper.

    Today is the National Paper Bag Day. It is also celebrated in many countries on different dates. The day is celebrated to aware the people about the use of paper bags in place of plastic bags to reduce plastic waste pollution. The paper bags are very useful because they are biodegradable or recyclable. Use of paper bags is eco-friendly, and it saves our environment and if used carefully they can be used again and again. Besides, it also provides employment opportunity to local people. We should pledge on this day that we will not use a plastic bag and will carry our cloth or paper bags whenever will go for shopping.

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    A lot of small sectors and co-operative societies have made their living through earnings from paper bags and cloth bags. These industries are gaining more preference as people have learnt the disadvantages of using plastic bags, their effect on air pollution.
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    Paper bags works as a source of income for some people and on the other hand they are really helpful in saving environment especially paper bags made of recycled material. And also provide employment opportunities to many illiterate people.

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    Till today, I never knew that there is a day called National paper bag day. Despite a day for the paper bags, the plastic bags are still in existence, despite any order to ban plastic bags. In fact, plastic bags are more useful than the paper bags. We cannot easily do away with plastic bags. Instead of banning plastic bags, we should find out the means and methods for its safe disposal after its use. Many times, I had to drop the grocery items on the road, as the paper bags don't hold the weight. Let there be paper bags, but don't ignore plastic bags.
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    Paper bags yet to become popular as it proved to be much costlier than the plastic bags and hence we are still depending on plastic to some extent and that needs to be alternated.
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    I never know that there is a National paper bag day. Good information from the author. Paper bags should replace all plastic bags and we all should use the paper bags in place of plastic bags. But usage of these bags is not much and still awareness has to come in the people. Slowly people are learning and trying to use cloth bags and they are better even than paper bags as the durability is more. Is there ant Clothe bag day. If it is there let us get educated about that also. My appreciation to the author for good information.
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