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    When will they understand this silence

    Often they are quiet but usually they are silent. It's not like they don't know ro answer or give a counter neither they are unaware of what's happening around them, still they prefer to ne silent. The silence is only because they don't want to harm or let someone feel inferior. They are silent so that there could be peace in relations. The relationships can't be teared into parts. Sometimes they are silent do that no one could judge their emotions, none could find the enormously flowing tears from their eyes.
    They are - women.
    We often feel this silence but seldom understand. A husband can't understand why a wife is silent even when he shouts or pours his complete aggression or frustration on her. A child can't understand why his mother is silent even when he indirectly insults her and compares with mother of other classmates. A brother can't understand why a sister keeps calm even when he slaps her for a petty mistake. The silence is too intense to be understood by anyone. The day hasn't still come when people start understanding this silence. I hope you may find it somewhere in future.

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    Some silence has reasons and silence also speaks. But the author here tried to mention the silent sufferings of women. It is true that we will find many such women who prefer to remain silent but this silence will not lessen the suffering in any way and at times may indulge others to carry out more injustice. The author mentioned the silence of the mother even when her child insults her or compare her with a friend's mother. It is the responsibility of the parents to bring up the child in a wonderful way and if the mother remains silent in such situations the child will begin to feel that she/he can go away with insulting others and it is necessary to compare one another without being aware of the situation. Instead of being silent, the mother must make her child understand reality. Silence is acceptable to cool down the situation but not acceptable when the situation goes out of control. In that case, the sufferings will increase.

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    As per my understanding, women should maintain silence. Silence is one of the best qualities that a woman should possess to be very successful in life. I have read a saying in Tamil - Pendirku Azhagu Ethir Pesaathiruthal. Means, The beauty of a woman is not to talk back. Silence can win. Silence can shake the mountain. A woman who understands life better will always maintain silence. She would speak only when required. Women are like Goddesses. Does the Goddess speak? No. They remain silent but does everything.

    Some may agree, some may not agree with me.

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    I have a mixed answer to the post. Many women in our society keep quiet or silent due to various reasons or for the good of their family, relation, children, etc but we do find the other side to where they reciprocate and sometimes the situation has gone worse. I am not in the support that women should suffer silently and should be able to speak for their rights. A husband yells at his wife and she keeps quiet but then later when she consults him, he may feel low as the women understand him much better and his temper. When the child insults or compares his/her mother with his classmate, it is the responsibility of the mother to make her child understand what is right and what is wrong and how he has to respect women and elders. When a brother slaps his sister, she may know the reason unless they are in an orthodox family otherwise, the sister or the parents need to stand and correct the action. Men are changing and are treating their girl or wife equal but the women need to speak or tell as everything cannot be understood by men and that's the law of nature, they are made that way.
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    I do not to answer, to show that men can also keep quiet!!

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    Maithili Sharan Gupt was a famous hindi poet and his book Yashodhara was published in 1933 in which he had mentioned the status and silence of women in a unique way and I have tried to translate the two famous lines out of that big composition and they are here -

    Oh, the poor women, your sad story in the years,
    Feeding the children silently and eyes full of tears.

    The poet has very nicely narrated the feelings and responsibilities of the women in this man's world. We all know that things have changed and today's women are not helpless or weak but the inherent feelings are still remaining same in some of the cases. Anyway, we are moving towards a complete gender equality and these narrations would be of historical account only.

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    The way the author has shown woman as oppressed and wretched creature in the Man's world seems to be based on biased and immature thinking.

    Now a days in most of the cases concerning domestic violence man is more oppressed than woman. The law also supports women instead of men for any oppressive incident in a family.
    It's reminded to the author that woman is the worst enemy of another woman. You will rarely see in a home -brother or father of husband quarrelling with a married woman, rather it is always the mother or sister of her husband who are found quarrelling with her. Who's at fault is a woman from either side. It's the mother who gives more importance to son instead of treating them equally. Why does a son thinks that his mother isn't as good as the mother of his friend. Whose fault is this- son's or hers ?

    And last but not the least a happy family is never disturbed until a woman comes in to disturb it. It's the woman who can make the family- a heaven or a hell.

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    Silence is good in many situations but plays negatively at some times. My mother when she was angry with us on our disobedience of her instructions, she just kept silent without talking to us but doing all to us. We understood that she is in angry and she become normal on our apology.
    Once I suffered with 'madras eye', lie down in ground and my brother was talking with me, sitting by my side. I talked with him by closing my eyes as I could not open due to the eye problem. Suddenly I heard my mother's voice,'Hey to whom you are talking?'. I told that I am talking with my brother. My mother laughed loudly. Then only I realized that my brother have gone somewhere in the middle. I was talking solo by believing he was listening me silently.

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    Women when silent have a feeling in their mind that the person standing in front of them should understand her not by her words but by her silence. She wants to develop a feeling of understanding between her and the person standing in front of her. This is what her expectations are when she's silent.
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    In modern times also there are some pockets in the world especially in underdeveloped or developing countries where the silence of the women have some sad stories behind. It is only in the developed world that we are seeing them as cheerful and energetic as the fellow men folks. So, that would take some time as the dominance by men is still prevailing in those sectors and the irony is that if the protector himself is the exploiter or offender then where the women would go for justice.
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    Keeping silent will harm progress in some cases. When the child has done a mistake if the parents keep silent, the child thinks that what he did is correct. So parents should make a sound. Then only the child will understand that what he did is a mistake and he may not repeat the same. If a son is insulting his mother in his school-going age, definitely there will be something wrong in the bringing up of the child. So the lady should not keep silence. She should see that the kid will understand his mistake.
    Majority of the ladies may be suffering because of the domination of males. But some men are silent even after seeing the mistakes committed by their wives. Days are changing and the people are also changing. I am saying many young couples and the upper hand is that of the wife in majority cases.

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    It is believed that there was a time when women were silenced and they were denied their rights. . But today the time has changed, today women are working on high posts, they are getting their due. ..There is some class where even today they are silenced

    But now many efforts are being made to consider women's upliftment as a matter of importance and in the last few years, the work of women empowerment has also increased. Due to these efforts, women are now daring to free themselves from the stubborn chains.

    The government is making new schemes for the upliftment of women, many NGOs are also raising their voice for the rights of women, so that women can be ready to face every challenge without any support.

    The work of today's women is not limited to handling household only, they are registering their presence in every field. Business or family women have proved that they can show by doing whatever the men think that only their domination is there, right.

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    It is true that the position of women has improved much in the society as compared to the past but still there are issues remaining regarding her silence. It is also to be noted that in some families peace and calmness remains only till the women are silent. If they start answering to the offences or aggressiveness made then the atmosphere would be ruined so the credit of maintaining good atmosphere goes to these silent women.
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