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    Give and take policy

    We all know about the policy to give and take, which means a kind of transaction. We are aware of the barter system, which was in practice long back then came the monetary transaction system. Well, the thread does not aim to discuss the various ways of transaction. It wants to understand why the practice to give and take, in the present age, has lost its charm. People have become so self-centred that the mere thought of giving gives shiver to a person. A good number of people are interested only about themselves, that's why giving comes second while taking has become most important in human lives.

    Our society has become very selfish, so those who are in a powerful position in a family, jobs or among any other circle, believe in taking or receiving from others while giving has lost its importance. People are not keen to give but want only to take from others. When we mention, 'give and take' then giving comes first, but the selfish society has made taking more important these days. What a tragedy, isn't it?

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    This is nothing new, Madam. Kindly refer to the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad where the Saint Yajnavalkya is advising his wife Gargi that every relationship is dear in this world not for the sake of that relationship, but for one's own self and necessities. He continues to enlist relationships like sons, daughters, spouses, etc. While such an outlook can very well be debatable, it can be said that there has been one school of thought which has adjudged the world as a marketplace full of transactions.
    Poulami Bakshi

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    @Poulami Bakshi

    Well, thank you for your comment. I am a very ordinary person who believes in learning from the people around me. The books like Upanishad are not my cup of tea. I know that the society in which I live is full of ambitious people who only sees his/her benefit in each and everything. Yes, selfishness is randomly present in the world from time immemorial, but I highlighted the fact that in the saying 'give and take', give comes first, while in practice, 'take' runs the show.


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    Give and take policy would make the life more easier for us and also for the others. By give and take policy means live within in your boundary and never question the others progress or their developments. Even if you commit mistake let there be pure admission in front of the others and also pardon those who were the cause of concern to your development and by doing so they repent for their bad behavior and try to change their attitude toward you. And never aim on the share of others, and if you get your share in time and full, that itself shows that you are cared and respected in the family and society.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Give and take totally depends on selfishness. You are right 'give' comes first which results in 'take' but this act of 'give' is intended to be reciprocal in form of another 'give' from other side.

    I think if you really want to perform this 'give' tradition then don't expect any 'take' in return. I mean 'give' and forget.

    In this age nobody is interested in any 'favour' from any person, so he never expects to be given anything by any person as well. We are surrounded by most of the self-centered people but we can't single ourselves out of this vicious circle. I'm good and all are bad isn't acceptable.

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    During our childhood, our parents would give us a coin or note while going to church and would make us offer it as offering on Sundays in the church. At home when we are there and any beggar visits, they would ask us to give them some alms, some food or clothes. During our friends or relatives functions like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, marriage, etc, they would take gifts or packets and give them as a token of love and blessing. The same is passed on to us and we learn about giving in this manner. As we grow, we keep up the same practise and do carry it and give alms whenever we can and share our things with others. When we share and give, the opposite person also feel or see to it that they also give it back. The habit of giving also helps to get gifts from others as they also open up and give from your gesture. I remembered the prayer of St.Francis known as "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace" which we recited during our school days. There is this line which states, "For it is in giving that we receive" and your post is the same, Give and take policy.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    It is said that if you give respect to others then only others would value you in the same way. So the relationships and business transactions both harp on this important premises of give and take. It is a necessary thing in our lives though some selfish people ignore this doctrine.
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