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    Why do we treat and insult number 13 as unlucky and inauspicious?

    Dear Members,
    Today is 13th July 2020. This date reminds me of number 13. It is said that number 13 is an unlucky number. Many people on this earth don't like this number, and they consider it an inauspicious number. We are celebrating ISC's 13th Birthday this year.

    Is this number 13 really unlucky and inauspicious to us?

    Can ISC members throw some good light on this number 13?

    This is 13/15 (13 July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday Challenge Contest.
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    There is nothing like lucky and unlucky or even found to be but when something is stressed upon and put into our head, it becomes true and we are convinced that it is so. If in our head, we consider that number as lucky, it will be a lucky number for us but if it is an unlucky number, even if it brings us good fortune, we will still consider it as unlucky.

    Some make their logic by stating from the Bible that the one who betrayed Jesus was the 13th to join at the last supper. Some associate it with women menstruation based on a cycle length of 28 days, they roughly menstruate 13 times in a year, Some say that a coven consists of exactly 13 members which make that number unlucky.

    No study proves that the number 13 is unlucky for any occasion but from early days, we are hearing about it and have nailed it in our head and whenever we hear, read or think of number 13, we feel it is unlucky, unauspicious and this phobia is now worldwide that no one wants to even live on the 13th floor, 13th room, vehicle with number plate 13, etc.

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    For me 13 is a good number, in fact I like all the odd numbers like 3, 5, 7 and so on. I have heard that 3 is not a good number but I have not heard anything about 13 earlier.

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    This is the first time I am hearing that number 3 is not a good number. Number three and its multiples are very lucky and famous numbers on this earth. I like number three and its multiples 3. 9, 27, 81. I like all numbers that make a single number 9.

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    I heard that 13 is an unlucky number. Different people have different reasons for this. Some people believe that the last supper was held on the 13th of Nisan (Nisan is a month on the Jewish calendar. But some say that the crucifixion was on the 13th of Nisan. Hence they treat this number as inauspicious and unlucky.
    But I feel this is belief only. Every month we will have 13th date and all unwanted events will not happen on that day only. Even on 13th, many good events will take place and unwanted events will happen on other dates also. There is no proof that 13th is unlucky. It is like any other number.

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    It is true that many people they believe that 13 number is not auspicious and try to avoid in starting any new work on that date. There is no scientific reasons to believe such things.

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    Personally I do not subscribe to this. I have never shunned number thirteen. I have seen some hotels where there will not be room number 13 or a room no 420. There is other belief also. Traditionally certain stars of the almanac are supposed to be not good for travel. But in my life I have travelled more on those days only. Probably many people would have avoided travel on those days and hence I could get tickets easily on such days.
    I do not know fro when thirteen is alluded with such negative colour. We know a phrase as "Baker's dozen' which is thirteen. So people used to get thirteen breads when they bought a dozen of them. Is it not lucky then?
    We start our teenage from thirteen. Were we not happy on thirteen then? Did any of us not write our age as thirteen? If we carefully scrutinise all the events in our life, many good events would have happened on thirteenth.

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    In our culture 13 is not considered as an unlucky number. This concept has come from western countries where 13 is somehow became a huber with bad omen. I do not have any such a negative feeling for number 13 as it is a natural number in the sequence. In fact when I got my transfer to Chennai in the year 1990 then my friend there asked me that there was a house available in the desired area but its number was 13 so whether book it for me or not. I told him to book it immediately and till I stayed in that particular flat, I had all success in my career and life at that juncture during my stay in Chennai.
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