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    A pat to myself: consistent stand throughout a decade.

    The other day I posted my response to the thread If you were given a chance, what you would have invented?
    My response was "....I would like to invent an appliance which will iron our clothes ...".

    Today when I was searching for something in ISC pages I came to see an almost ten year old forum thread initiated by me on the same subject, i.e on 15th July 2011. The thread was titled Dear budding engineers,technocrats,scientists- try to invent ,we give you the idea..
    In that thread also I had said "I start with my immediate wish for a automatic ironing machine for clothes........... How about making/inventing such a one?"

    I pat myself on my back on how consistent I am all these ten years ! I hope you too will pat me on my back.

    (This is thirteenth thread for A Thread a day Challenge)
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    Why should we break our heads to create an ironing machine? What is required is - Wash and wear. No ironing required. I have a few shirts that need no ironing. I simply wash them, dry them, and wear them. It is the clothing material does the magic.

    At this time, I remember my good old days, when we had no electricity and iron box at home. Dhobi would take only clothes to wash, not for pressing. I used to wash the clothes; dry the clothes; neatly fold the clothes; keep it under the pillow; wear it fresh in the morning. Yet I looked smart with my dress. If very urgent, keep it under a wooden plank and load it with books and weights.

    Anyway, I wish your dream comes true.

    No life without Sun

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    The consistency in our talks, moves, predictions and living the life is something everybody cannot get into the grove and it seems your stable mind could achieve it. Celebrate your own winning situation,
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    The author requires applause and yes, a pat on the back for being consistent. Rarely there are people out there who maintain consistency in their lives. I wish the author's wish comes true, and hope scientists out there are trying to make an automatic ironing machine at the earliest.

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    Venkiteswaran Sir, surely you deserve a pat on the back for thinking the same thing even after almost a decade. It has not changed because that machine of your choice has not been invented yet and you continue to suffer from the same issue till now. As Sun mentioned in his reply @#703557, you may try those clothes that do not require ironing. If you do that, I think you will divert your attention towards something different from where we can get some other ideas to invent something different.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Venkiteswaran Sir, I appreciate the stability in your thoughts. I cannot keep the same desire for 10 long years as it changes with time, age, situations, etc. So, this strong desire of getting an automatic ironing machine for clothes shows that you are very much particular about your clothes and love to have cleaned- ironed clothes only. I also like ironed clothes and in my case, I prefer freshly ironed clothes as I like that fresh warm touch and that specific smell that comes from freshly ironed clothes.

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    Accept my appreciation for keeping consistency in your needs and desire. Your desire might have been changed if your desire was fulfilled. Even it is not fulfilled also some people may change their desires. You have not done it. It is really admirable.
    I never wear any dress without ironing them. But the present situation made me wear dresses without ironing. My wife is not willing to give the clothes for ironing to Dhoni. We have an electric ironing box. But we have no mind to take it out for ironing. So I was forced to wear unironed dresses. Anyhow there is no much need also as there is no chance to go out frequently.
    Automatic ironing machines are not available. But some dryers are available which will dry them very fast and just you fold it properly the dress will appear as if it was ironed. I never used them but I heard some people telling about it.

    always confident

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    @SuN#703557, @ Sankalan Bhattacharya#703579,@ Rao#703626,
    All inventions are result of our ardent wishes. Had we just adjusted and adapted to what is available human race would not have come this far in technological advancement.
    Yes, I also had used wrinkle free clothes. Many synthetic material clothes may not need ironing. But all said and done the look a starched and ironed dress gives is something great. I concur with Padmini#703610 in this regard.
    In our childhood we were not having an iron box. So we used to put the firewood embers from the kitchen hearth in a flat bottomed metal vessel and used to press clothes with that.
    I had seen in YouTube some clips about Automatic ironing machines. I am not sure how genuine they are or whether are available for public. There are Garment pressing machines available for textile industry, but there also the folding is manual.
    You may watch in the following:
    1. watch?v=FD3H4gqKwCw
    2. watch?v=ZFmG-rNaBC8
    Anyway my post was to highlight consistency only and the particular thread was taken for just illustrating it.
    Thanks to Mohan and Reena Upadhyaya for their encouraging words.

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    I have some videos on youtube where they showed ironing machine that irons and folds your clothes. You just have to lay your clothes, one by one on the ironing board or pad. It is commendable to read that your thought has not changed over the decade and you still find it hard to iron and fold clothes(@just a joke). As every invention was once a necessity or thought of some people who were thought to be impossible are in stores so also your idea and thought is already in-store or maybe on its way.
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    Science has made many leaps forward and in its galloping strides came many inventions and modern facilities and today we are enjoying all sort of gadgets and machines in our houses. Still, there are some ambitions and aspirations which would take some time in getting fulfilled and your desire corresponds to the same category. Another such area is utensil cleaning machine. Though there are many available as an industrial units being used in the big restaurants or eating places but for household still there is not a good model and whatever is available in market is so cumbersome that we feel to do the cleaning job in the traditional ways only.
    Knowledge is power.

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