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    It is absolutely essential to have a big focus on careers..

    Given the fact that distance education is here to stay, there are thousands who keep on enrolling in some course year after year; worse, they lose a lot of time and money with a clear lack of focus.

    It ought to be remembered that only those with the best of focus in their careers will and can succeed in their careers. For example, if there is a person who works as a Junior Manager in HR in a manufacturing company, he or she should grind her teach in PF, ESI, and such other statutory legislation and their implementation, fighting with the trade unions, entering into a long term settlement and so on, even if the company is just having five hundred employees. He or she can then think of going to another company with a manpower strength of over one thousand or two thousand employees. Given current trends, Managements will welcome those who are ruthless in playing the game of cost control. For such executives, who would have an MBA/MSW qualification, it does pay to get a legal degree through distance education or on a part-time basis; it is even better to get an advanced diploma in labor laws.

    However, if the same person were to register for a Master's Degree course in Journalism, it will be totally out of focus with his core profession; all his spare time will be wasted. Instead,. he or she would do well to network with fellow HR professionals and learn from their experiences.

    Focus on careers is extremely important. It should be noted that unless this is done, one cannot advance in his or her career, at any point in time.

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    Surely every one after the studies completed the focus would be on the career and the future secured job but given the volatile condition across the world, there is no scope for new job openings in any sector. The future seems to be self help and self business. That means if you have a bright idea of starting business then you can group with like minded person and instead of working for some one , you can give employment to many as the nation is pitching for vocal to local and banks coming forward to give financial assistance liberally , therefore the future has to be decided now and make a go.
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    With correspondence, online courses and part-time course, many can get their degree in the field that they want or like. Many students do not focus on their growth and would enrol for any course without researching to find if the course would add value to their career or will be of any help in the long run. Many engineering students complete their engineering course and then apply for banking, many finance students get into marketing, marketing in construction, civil doing a sales job, etc. It is good to choose subjects or courses that will help them to use it in their career growth as mentioned in the post by the writer. Many courses will in one or the other way help to progress in one's career and one needs to choose that as a subject when enrolling for any courses either part-time, online or correspondence.
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    True. We should have skills in our core area and we should improve our knowledge in those fields. A quality control professional can improve his chances of climbing the ladder by getting some additional certifications in six sigma, ISO lead auditor, TQM etc. But going for an MA in English may improve his English but may not add any value for his career development. So I agree with the author that spend your time to improve your skills and knowledge in the area of his working. That will be beneficial for the person to get additional knowledge and also gives good chances for career growth.
    Focus is very much required in all the works we undertake. Then only we will get the best results and rewards. Otherwise, we will not be successful in our endeavours. People who plan their career in a correct will also do this type of analysis and decide what are the areas for him to improve and get additional skills and take actions in the direction of acquiring them.

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    Focus is the key to success. If one is changing his career every year then he or she can not succeed in there life. You should keep trying until you get what you want.

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