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    Rivers and mountains may change but human nature never

    Every human being has a unique nature of his own. Generally it is the outcome of hereditary traits, upbringing and experiences gained during growing up. Once a particular nature is formed, habits are established and life style is more and less streamlined in a particular way then it becomes very difficult to change the nature of a person. He would have some particular thinking about the worldly affairs and would also have some distinct opinion about things and would not agree to the ways of lives of other people or to their ideologies. So it is said that rivers and mountains can change but not the human nature. What do the members think about it?

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    The flood in Kerala has taught that what you have written is very true. We see floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural calamities which are not in human hands but its effect is due to humans. After research and study, many of the calamities are due to deforestation, usage of plastics, use of harmful chemicals, etc which are by humans. We are cutting down trees which cause climatic changes, we are grabbing forest land and making houses that are dangerous for mangroves, water bodies, etc, we are throwing plastics which is causing damages to land, water bodies, etc which in turn affect us in the form of flood and other natural calamities. Many waterbodies that were dried or cover took its original route during the last flood in Kerala and that is the biggest setback and lesson for humans. We get larrup by nature and many warnings are received, we change for a while but again turn to our natural self once the issue repressed. The rivers, mountains and nature may change but human nature never stands true as we never want to let go and would continue on our habit when things fall on its right path. We forget or learn from our past and keep on repeating our mistake even after getting several warning.
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    That is why people say it is easy to bend a plant but not a tree. You can daily change the attitude of a kid by making him understand the pros and cons. You can also teach him with your deeds. What you the kid will also do. So we should see that we will mould our kids in such a way they will get all good habits and traits so that nobody will suffer because of them and nobody will think about their behaviour. But if the kid is grown and becomes young it will be difficult to teach him and change him. So parents should concentrate on their children more when they are kids and bring them up in a proper way. Then we need not worry that our boy is changing and in fact, we need not expect a change from him. One thing is true that if the human being is not thinking of change by himself it is not possible to change him by others.
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    Every person has their own behaviour and traits and how the parents bringing up is really important as the teenage phase is an important phase of changing attitude and behaviour. Our kid will behave only on how we teach them and we must teach them some good habits which can be good for their career life. Once a person has become an adult member it will be difficult to change their habits. When a citizen does good for the people, he will become a good person in life and as well as in their job.
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    There is a saying in Tamil that " Aaril valaindhadhu Aruvadil valayadhu". That means by the age 6 what we learn either through parents, own or induced by others, the same would be continued till the 60 years of age. And we also carry the behavioral patterns of our relatives genes especially from the paternal side. That is the reason being so we can see the change in mountain growth and water flows, but there would not be changes in the human behavior. Mountains may grow vertically or horizontally when the space is available. The rivers can take the course of route if diverted by the human being. But human being remain unchanged.
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    Seeing the title I am reminded of an old Hindi film song" Rahi naye naye... Tum na badli ,mein na badla, sab kuch badal gaya" The song says that everything else had changed except the two lovers. But the author here says that everything (nature) changes but not human nature.
    I cannot agree that nature changes by itself. Only human nature changed maximum and caused the nature's change. It is only because of human nature changed that we feel nature has changed. Even after many years (at least in our experience) the season change and repeat the cycle almost to near perfect schedules.
    The sun rises and sets every day. There has been not a single day when the sun thought of staying for a few more hours than usual or rising late by a few hours on any day. The full moon and New Moon came as per their schedule of 14-15 days or nights.
    A bee still stings, crow caws, cat maws, dog barks ...nature has not changed. We have lost our hearts. But we are searching where it has gone blaming nature.
    If we planted banana we get only banana, if we planted biter gourd we got only bitter gourd.
    So nature has not at all changed and will never change. But we force the changes. We deplete forest causing defcit or excess rains. Like that whatever be the changes in nature they were all caused by humans. If humans do not mend their ways then they may have to face bad days ahead.

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    Once the habits are established and traits are defined then an individual would behave in that fashion only and if he is asked to make changes to his way of living, he would put resistance and oppose it. It is a natural tendency to do so.
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    Humans have a high degree of consciousness and they often use it to make their point in their dealings and would not budge so easily with other's arguments.
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