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    When did you visit your primary school last time and what did you find new?

    Today we are well set and live our lives happily. But we cannot forget our first school, i.e. primary school. That days were our golden days and we always remember and share our experience with our children.

    Do you have a habit to visit your primary school whenever you go to your village? When did you visit your primary school and what did you find new?

    Fortunately, I work in my primary school and I daily visit and try to do something new and innovative. I daily meet my teachers and take their blessings.

    Respected members are requested to share their experiences in this thread.

    This is my entry for ISC 13th Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge- Participate and win prizes!
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    You are lucky as you daily get to rewind the old beautiful memories of childhood. I do not enter the premises. I try to have a good look at my school when driving through that road. Both primary and high school, are located side by side, and whenever I see the buildings, all good memories strike me one after the other. I can see some changes such as new buildings are constructed. However, most of the things remain the same.

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    My Primary school is in Tirunelveli where I studied from class I to III. Thereafter, I studied at a school in Tuticorin from class IV to XI. And stepped into a college for a few months and dropped. I got my appointment and roamed around India. Finally settled in my home village. Presently, I am in Bengaluru and not able to move out due to COVID.
    During my last visit to my village, I had an unfortunate death of a family member staying near my primary school in Tirunelveli. At that time, I took my wife to my school and told her, "This is the school from where I started my education." I told her to meet the teacher and students and tell them that her husband was a student of this school." She was pleased. The teachers and students were also pleased.

    When I studied, the school had only a thatched roof. Now it is a concrete building with a second floor. The name of the school is 'Saral Tucker Elementary School'

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    My primary school is just opposite to my uncle's ( brother of my father) house in my native place. So whenever I go to my native place, I will go to my uncle's place and then definitely I will get into the school also. When I studied, the school was in a temporary shed but later on the pucca building was made. Now they have good tables, chairs, some good books and well-maintained playground. The teacher's who taught me were not in that school and they might have retired also and maybe taking rest. Only one of my teachers is living in the village now also. I will meet him and salute him. He is in his 80s now.
    Even the high school I studied is also between our house and my uncle's house and hence many times I will get a chance to visit that school also. The school has become college now and many new buildings are constructed and doing well. The school is more than 100 years old and recently all the old students planned to celebrate the centenary. But COVID 19 made them stop that event.

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    My primary school is in Madurai. I studied there from 1960 to 1965. Luckily my first teacher's name is Meenakshi madam. My elder brother and all my younger brothers were also studied in the same school from first to fifth standard. No teachers we found with serious faces on any situation. They were strict only in needy hours otherwise they are very friendly to students. Last time,during January 2020,when I went to Madurai casually I went through the street where our school was situated. On some temptation, I went inside. The major change I found is they have changed the direction of main gate on the other side other wise I have seen no change. New teachers I saw and I told them that I am an ex-student of that school. They felt happy to see me as I felt more happy to see the class rooms and the places where I sat during my studying.

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    I am not in touch with my primary school but yes, I do visit my secondary school whenever I visit Mumbai. We still have a group of friends and a few teachers who are still in touch and we do meet them. We plan a week before and try to make it a memorable one with all the nostalgic memories getting back to life as though it was just yesterday that we passed out of school. It's being more than 2 years that I visited my school and last, when I had visited, the school had completely;y changed. During our time, it was only boys school but now it has co-ed ICSE board, the building has being freshly painted, the garden is done with a new variety of plants and trees, the church grotto is modified, there is a change in the boarding, the strength in the boarding has reduced, staffs have changed, the look of the campus has changed, etc. Now, it is like a new school and we need to recap to know the difference.
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    It was almost a year ago when I visited the place to attend an Ayyappa pooja function. I visited the local temple also. I could not go to the primary school where I studied, but just had a glimpse of it from the moving bus. The school was not open as it was a holiday. There were only some changes like one extra building was constructed; the school had a compound wall, which was not there when we studied. I heard that there were fewer students now as many students went to some new private schools in the nearby towns

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    My primary school is hardly six kilometres from my present residence and it would be easy for me to visit the school often. What I could see that the extensions has been made, and the big tree in the middle of the play ground has been chopped off, the public toilet which was the stinking problem for the school has been removed, the school has been given the white wash and I could see good number of students playing the sports and also studying the books during the leisure. All this was before the covid 19 began and afterwards I did not find time to visit the same place. Good to see my school developing.
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    Wow Hakimuddin it is great that you work in the same school where you studied. For me it is simply not easy to visit my primary school. During my primary years, up to class 3, I studied in a kendriya vidyalaya in Tambaram, Chennai. I still have memories of that school and would definitely like to visit it in case I ever happen to visit Chennai. I have not been able to visit my middle or high schools either, as they are all located at different states in the country. In fact, I studied in 4 different schools from class 1 to 12 in different parts of India. Wonder, if I will ever get to see those schools again.
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    Due to my health issues I avoid traveling so I could not visit my primary school where I studied about 60 years back. But I got some information from my friends there who told me that a road is made up to the school and one new building is added for class VI to VIII in the same premises and school has grown up like that.
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    I had opportunity to go to my school about 7-8 years back and though there was only one retired teacher known to me staying near the school I made it a point to meet her. She was so happy to see the old students and offered me some tea and snacks. I just took a round of the school and found that all old verandahs and corridors were renovated and tiles were laid everywhere. It had a better look than earlier. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip.
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