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    Which therapy do you prefer

    Since age-old times alternative therapies have been in practice. Some of them are homoeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, reiki and traditional Chinese medicine. All these therapies are termed as an alternative as there is no scientific proof or explanation for them. They are termed as alternative medicine as they lie outside the circle of medical science.

    We all are aware of alternative medicines, and I am sure we all must have used them at some point in our lives. Some of us believe in them and thus, only use alternative medicines to cure illnesses. Some of us try them when we are sick of the side effects exerted by the allopathy. Some of us when not getting cured by allopathy, use these medicines. Since their effectiveness is not scientifically proven, some people distrust these therapies.

    I have complete trust in Ayurveda and rely on Ayurvedic medicines from time to time. Do you use any of the above mentioned alternate medicine regularly or occasionally? How many of you only rely on medical science and distrust traditional therapies?

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    Ayurveda is a medical system that has been used for thousands of years in India that use medicinal herbs, massage, meditation, organic diet, etc to cure diseases and other alignments of a person. It is widely accepted and used by many to cure any alignment that was given-up by scientific medicines. It is good to use medical science and reports to know in detail about the disease and find out the reason, alternative and other factors. If one is not convenient with medical science or scientific medicines, one can opt for alternate medicine like homoeopathy, Ayurveda, naturopathy, etc. Many of us believe in Panacea type of medicine and often use in symptoms like cough, cold, acidity, headache, toothache, stomach ache, etc and do find effective. I do use Ayurveda massage to get rid of body ache and pain, once in a year while on vacation. It becomes tiresome of working in the office and thus go for full body massage once in a year as it helps to remove backache, neck pain, etc.
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    My grandfather was a native doctor. He used only Ayurvedic medicines for treatment. While he was alive, our house used to be filled with Herbs and roots, many bottles with different types of oils and packets of powders (Chenduram and Pasbam), and small pepper t like balls in small bottles. During my childhood days, I have never seen a tablet. He did not have a stethoscope on his neck. He tested the pulse only by holding the hands with fingers. He cured many incurable diseases.

    According to me, Ayurveda is the best. It doesn't require any surgery.

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    I am from a family where Ayurveda is practised from generations. My grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor. He obtained a very good name as a doctor in his village. He used to give medicine free of cost to poor and he never demanded money from anybody.

    My father worked in Ayurvedic medicine making firm and have full knowledge of ayurvedic medicines and their usage. So we always prefer Ayurvedic medicines. We use ayurvedic for many of the problems. Very rarely we visit an allopathic doctor. Our second preference is Homoeopathy. I know a doctor in homoeopathy and he was a professor in Homoeopathy college.

    One advantage of Ayurveda is that it will give a permanent cure and no side effects for the medicines used. Same is the case with homoeopathy. In allopathy, the synthetic chemicals will be used and they will have some side effects also. But the action will be quick with allopathy whereas Ayurveda is having no unwanted reactions but it will take more time to cure.

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    According to Ayurveda medicines the side effect on consumption is almost nil. As told by me one doctor if the medicine intake by a person is not suitable to him the same will purged out in motion on the next day itself without any sediment in body. As Ayurveda treatment is given by seeking the route cause of the set back, the relief is total and chance of repetition is nil. In Tamil the doctors used to tell as 'Noi Naadi Noi muthal naadi' which means the disease should be analysed from the route cause for the disease in the concerned body. No disease is common to all bodies and medicines also cannot be common for all body conditions. The treatment should be given by observing the body conditions through its Vaadha, Pithha, Kabha levels.
    In Homeopath the medicines are given to the body like drop water irrigation, the medicines are given in mild quantities varying according to the disease and body condition.
    It is better to follow the Ayurveda treatment or Homeo treatment rather than anything.

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    I generally visit Allopathy doctors only. However my father and uncle were having some basic knowledge of Ayurveda and were mostly using Ayurvedic medicines. The medicines were prepared at home as per the traditional formula and guidelines. So from childhood I had some liking for Ayurved also. However Ayurveda does not have a 'one-switch- off' remedy or relief, it was more convenient to take allopathic treatment which works on immediate comfort to the patient. The pain killers were thus convenient to modern day life style.
    However by and by on advancing in age I found that allopathy does not have a sure cure for many of the illnesses and ill health. Ayurvedic system was more effective especially for many of the regular issues related to advancing age. So now I use both.
    I would like to share a joke here. It is said that when Allopathy or Homeopathy or any-pathy does not cure, then the only cure is Ganapathy or Tirupati Venkatachalapathy.

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    I am glad that many members prefer Ayurveda and homoeopathy over modern-day medicine. As described by many members, our traditional therapies cured illnesses by getting rid of root cause rather than exerting superficial effects on relieving symptoms. It might be the reason that alternative therapies are still in demand.

    Also, thanks to Venkiteswaran Sir for sharing the hilarious joke in his post. It is true that when nothing works, we all depend on God's blessings to get cured.

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    Ayurveda takes care of our body constituents also known as Prakritis composing of Vata, Pitta and Cough types. Prakritis will vary from men to men and so the herbs chosen from Aurveda will also vary depending our body type. While diagnosing the actual cause of the disorder, competent Vaidyas undertake the pulse examination to detect the underlying cause. They don't need any pathological examination to detect the disorder and finally depending upon the body constituent of the patients, some medicines in the form of Churna, Asava/ Aristha, Bhasma, Ayurvedic tablets containing numerous ingredients are prescribed to eliminate the harmful doshas present in the system. Such medicines act on the entire system and the toxins responsible for the disease is eliminated in a gradual but continuous way. Though this process takes some more time as compared to Allopathic System, but the cure is permanent without experiencing any side effect.
    Homoeopathy, too, is novel system for curing the disorder but it requires detailed inputs by the competent Homoeopath to arrive at the appropriate medicine to be administered. A little lapse in the diagnosis will not yield results and the patients loose confidence in this system. However, the results are amazing if the patient undergoing treatment with a competent Homoeopath.

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    We only go to allopathy and homeopathy doctors. For chronic ailments we prefer homeopathy, whereas for the regular ones, allopathy, which provides kind of instant cure. In our country and elsewhere, allopathy is the most popular therapy. The doctors and hospitals that we see all around us are mostly allopathic. Very few homeopathy and even less Ayurvedic. Every top student in our country wants to become an allopathic doctor and not anything else. Homeopathy and Ayurveda have limited scope. Even the vaccinations that we take are all allopathic. In the years to come there will be much advancement in the field of allopathy. The recent researches being done for covid will pay returns later. At the same time Ayurveda, homeopathy and the other therapies will survive too. There is enough space for every therapy. People may choose the one that suits them the most.
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    I believe in Ayurvedic and natural systems much and they are very effective as they prevent the attack of microbes on us. These time tested methods increase our resistance to disease and are actually preventive.
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