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    What happened after the exams?

    Think of those situations. For that many of you have to revisit your childhood. Exams in schools were a part of that period. Whether you liked to study or not, whether you were a brilliant student or not you had to write the exams. After that, anxious wait for some time for the results and then the reactions of others in the family and surroundings. I am not going into the results or the reactions of the family members but interested to know something that was also a part of it. I am sure many of you planned something alone or with your friends about how to enjoy after the exams. For those, who never liked to study, like me, used to plan how to find some excuses so that one never had to sit for studying the books after the exams are over. For others, it may be going to places along with friends or indulging in hobbies when the schools remain closed for a few days after the exams. It was something different from vacations. Not necessarily those small breaks were for holidays. I remember one such incident where I repaired some of the household equipment during that time. Since I was very inquisitive about the technicalities of instruments somehow I found a way so that the equipment becomes functional. One of my neighbours used to provide me with the necessary knowledge required to carry out those repairings and that was a good excuse of not touching the study books for a few days. What was your story?

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    I was in the boarding school and hence we did not go home for small holidays like 2-3 days and would be in the boarding. In the boarding, nothing was in our hand but would be pre-scheduled by the in-charge. Few of the common things was a group match or games, picnic to the nearby beach, general cleaning of the boarding, etc. We had 10 groups in the boarding with 20 members in each group. They would have football, hockey or volleyball matches and the winning group would get points and prize on an annual day. General cleaning was the worst as from dormitory, dining hall, chapel, bathrooms, toilets, surroundings, gardening, and even ground cleaning was included. There would be singing competitions, would have extra band practice, etc. Some activities would be fun while some were forced but ya, it was considered better than studying. As everything was compulsory for all, there was no looking back and everyone had to participate in every scheduled activity.
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    We were always waiting to complete the final examinations and then summer vacations. The moment we finished our examinations we used to start planning how to spend the vacation. Our automatic choice was to go to our grandfather's village. My aunt's(My mother's sister) children were also coming there. The village was a beautiful place with good greenery around. A bid water pond with greenery all the four sides was the main attraction of that village. The playground in the school was another place of attraction. Two temples were pulling many visitors every day. My grandmother was preparing good snacks and my grandfather was getting good fruits and sweets from outside. Our life was very happy there. No studies. Spending time together and playing together and hearing stories from my grandparents. Those days will never come back. Almost a month we were spending like that. In between one or two times we were visiting the nearby town and go for a movie. All well. After a month again we will start back and reach our place. Then the wait was l starting for Dasara festival holidays so that we all could go to the grandparents.
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    Once I was going through a school when the tenth class exam was over and the students were coming out with joy and it was the last exam and from now they are free and need not study. To my astonishing, they torn down the books, question papers and made it into pieces and thrown them in the air and also danced to the tune of cell phone song. I do understand that they have gone mad over completion of exam and that is a big relief. But tearing the papers and books is something does not sync with a learned person as books are considered to be representative of God of learning Saraswathi, Immediately I got annoyed and asked the students to stop their tearing motives.But they wont budge and kept on saying that I am causing hindrance to the good mood of celebration of getting rid of exams anymore.
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    Earlier we have worked hard for studying in Board exams, as this is the important phase of one's life. After completing the last day exam all the students will be thrilled for completing a long time phase of the examination, after a sudden bell, all of them will come out from the class with a thrilling experience and we all made good sounds at our teachers and it was a good moment to cherish after long years.
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    On the last day of the exams after coming-out of the exam hall we all assembled in a circle and then tore of the support pad into pieces and threw up in the air and made loud ha-ha sounds. Then immediately some of us rushed to the school ground, did some somersaults, jumped up and down and did so many things in excitement of having relieved the burden of exams.
    Then we exchanged our vacation plans and decided to meet those available at local temple festival or on the result day or some mutual convenience.
    After coming home, it was opening the book box or table drawer, emptying and re arranging etc. Sometimes we went to our aunt's home, or cousins came to our house. We had to help mother in sun drying of food items etc. Then it was play, play and plays until we fully sweated and became tired and eating anything available
    But after coming to High School I spent a good time reading various magazines and books brought from neighbours and from local library. Of course I had some regular domestic duties like cleaningthe lamps, washing my clothes, buying the groceries as per list given by mother etc. We also used to do cleaning the house and premises.

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    All of the experiences shared by the members are wonderful and remind us of those days. What Mohan Sir said in his reply @#703662 is a kind of craziness among the students to get rid of studies. It seems they are very much frustrated with their studies and do not wish to continue their studies further or they might be very much burdened with the pressure of writing the exams.

    In the end, it is very much clear that we enjoyed those moments because we won't have to study for a few days and at times planned our activities after the examinations in advance.


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