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    Be a bridge. Never be a wall

    Bridges combine two opposite sides and make a way for the people to move from one end to another end. A wall will close the ways and people can't cross over these walls. For both, we use the same materials. Bricks and cement. But what for we use that material that makes the difference.

    Similarly, there are people in society but their thoughts and mentalities will be different. Some people try to divide people and enjoy. Whereas some people will try to pacify the difference and combine the people who are having a difference of opinions. It is always better if people go together and will not have any difference. Then only we will see peace and happiness in society. So as responsible citizens we should see that people will not get divided but they will work as a team. One should be a bridge but not a wall.

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    Very well written by the writer stating that even though both the wall and the bridge is made from the same material, what and how that material is used is what makes the difference. In the same manner, we all are human and have emotions, sentiments, family, religion, etc in this life and society. Many use these to burn and divide people and some use the same to unite them. The material used by both the party is the same, i.e. speech, videos, pictures and words from religious scripts but how they interpret them and turn it upside down is what matters. The same rose that crushes the hand is used to perfume also. It is upto the human to understand the difference and accept what is good and reject what if evil. If we want to lead a happy and peaceful life, we need to unite people and if we are only concerned about our gain, they use the divide and rule policy.
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    This post instantly warns all those who proves to be a hindrance than as helper for others progress. There are people who wants to criticize others for no reason. Suppose you are making a image of Lord Hunuman as per your knowledge and your know how about the looks. the personality and the elegance of total image. But when some one see that would instantly go with review comments that the face was not that impressive and the personality need to be made big and so on. And when we ask the same person to help and finish the said drawing, they would plead ignorance of having forgotten the drawing long back and thus cannot help. This the time we can take on the critic. That when we are doing something on our own without seeking others help why the hell there should be bad comments and no help further. Better they should not be wall for the progress.
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    A bridge helps to connect or facilities easy transport of two places. But a wall separate two places or regions and acts as a hindrance and helps to divide. The author brought out the idea of how a bridge and wall influences the progress and demotivates progress respectively.

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    Everything has both positive and negative side. We should see and evaluate both.
    Can you imagine our house in the open without walls? Walls are boundaries and protection from trespass. We need walls. Though a bridge connects two sides closing the gap and allows two-way passage, if there is no protection wall on the sides, those who pass over the bridge may fall into the river or ravine.
    Thick strong walls or forts were erected to prevent enemy entering into our territory. A sea wall protects coast from erosion. It is only when someone runs without looking that he gets injured or stonewalled. The fault is not with the wall but in the person. He could have taken an alternate path. It is the quality of stonewalling that helps children learn playing with ball and bat. If the wall would not have reflected (rebound) the ball, then they could not have learned many games. It is the walls inside our home that help children play draw and gives a privacy as well as security. Never despise a wall. There is an old saying in Malayalam " Chumarundengile chitrmezhuthan pattoo"- Only if there is a wall, there can be a drawing". In Tamil also an equivalent saying is there. I do not know equivalents in other languages.
    A bridge is also needed and wall is also needed. We cannot avoid either for the other. Each has its role function.

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    It is true that as a good human being we have to facilitate both sides to be friendly with each other if we are given a privilege of facilitating people in our society. Coexistence is always a better thing than conflict and confrontation.
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