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    Parenthood: A gift of happiness with responsibility

    After marriage, the regular question we hear from everyone is what about the baby? Many of the couples may have a family plan and some may say it after two years and for some when God blesses. Many couples easily become a parent and some after consultation and some have to adopt. Some don't want to take up the responsibility of being a parent and thus avoid it. Many couple are not ready as they are not prepared or don't know what to do, and how do they cope up with the child's responsibility.

    Everything changes when they first hear about the pregnancy positive report. The woman starts taking care of everything, from what she eats, what she wears, how she walks, sits, reads, watch, listens, etc. The man starts changing his habits, care, affection, etc. This is the greatest gift that they are blessed with being a parent. A sense of responsibility builds up in them and they want to be the best parent for their child.

    I heard the line in a Hindi serial- Rangrasiya where the couple tells each other that, it is not that we have given birth to a child but the child has also given birth to a parent in us. It stands very true. From being lazy to be active, from causal to responsible, from let-go to cautious, from me to us, from friends to family, from perfume to baby products, from loud sound to soft, from night owl to on time, from junk to healthy eating, from fool to wise, etc. Everything changes from the time that you get it in your head of being a parent.

    Parenthood becomes the best gift or blessing you receive from God. Your full love, affection, attention, etc is surrounded within your child/children. You start feeling the happiness of being a parent than laid with responsibility. You want your children to have a smile on their face and a cry or frown pinches your heart. This is why I say, Parenthood: A gift of happiness with responsibility any couple is blessed with.

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    Very good thought and my appreciation to the author. Parenthood is a gift. This will strengthen the bond between the wife and husband. The children are the real common property. Before having a child they may be thinking about them only but once they become parents they start thinking about their children also.
    If there are no children there will not be any common property which can't be shared. They have to have it together and enjoy it together. Parenthood is a strong bridge between the wife and husband. If there are any walls before they will be broken down and bridges will be made so that they will be more close.
    When children come up to do well and become famous, the parent's joy knew no bounds. Their life will be happy because of their children. Really parenthood is a gift given by the children to their parents. Let us be good parents and see that our children will always be on the right path. Parents want to be identified as the parents of their children. That will be the dream and if it comes true they will have all the joy.

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    Once a couple attains parenthood their duties increase and have to carry those duties with utmost care. In every stage of child growth their involvement is always necessary and the couple can feel the bountiful happiness of their success during that period. So couple should take parenthood as a duty and it should not be taken in a casual way.

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    Once when I was travelling in an autorikshaw there was a big picture of a child with a captivating smile. The caption below the picture really impressed me as it was a great fact." "God blesses us in different ways and this is the best of such blessings". I need not elaborate.
    To become a parent is God's blessing. One can be an adoptive parent also.
    It is the need of the nature to continue the species. In every species it is the responsibility and duty of parents to take care of the young ones until it is capable enough to move out, seek and get food by itself. In humans the parent role is either overdone or not done properly. It is just a biological process becoming parents. But it brings happiness to us. It also invites proper responsibility to bring up the child as a good human being, to take up its role as a responsible individual and member of the society. Psychologists have established with various studies that those children who did not get proper parenting in their childhood showed abnormal behaviour and even showed criminal and negative tendencies even in their adult lives. As parenthood is a gift of God, parents should handle with respect to God and a responsibility to oneself and the larger society.

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    The serial "Rangrasiya, episode 150 has a very good script of parenthood or couples who are in the process of becoming a parent after hearing the news from the doctor. T

    The husband is very worried and asks his wife, are you happy? Are we prepared to become parents? Will I be able to be a good father? etc. Her wife replies, Do not worry. I know you will be a good father and will take care of your child. You are strict and short-tempered but when he will be in your arms, your anger will vanish and you will feel happy.

    After delivery, the father is afraid to carry his child in his arm but after a month, his wife tells him to carry him in your arms and consoles that he will be able to carry him. When he takes the child in his arms, the reaction on his face of a happy, loving and caring father can be seen and he tells, he's mine. A proud moment for any parent. Parenting has no subject, class or teaching, everyone learns on their own and becomes the best parents for their children.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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