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    Why people amass their wealth even though what they eat costs a very little of it?

    Everyone in this world, if they have enough strength in their body, works in one way or the other to earn for themselves and their family. Actually, we are overeating what actually our body needs for its healthy functioning. Because of that, we are facing so many health issues like obesity, B.P., diabetes, etc. Definitely because of these problems, nowadays people are reducing their meals quantity or stopping meals at night time. At such time people generally get a philosophical thought like this, for this what I am eating a little why I should work so hard day and night? Can I take all this wealth along with me after my death? Actually all animals in their lifetime they work to get their daily food only but nothing else. But people never get satisfied with what they are earning and amassing their wealth.

    Have you got any such philosophical thoughts at any time? Why people tend to amass their wealth? Please share your thoughts about these interesting issues.

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    As the needs increase, people want to earn more so that they can acquire all the required with that money. Animals will not have any other needs if they have food. But a human being is not like that. His wishlist will be very big and will never end. The top one is fulfilled. Another two in the bottom will be added. When we have no food we will think of food, when food is there the necessity of clothes will increase and then own house. Like this, new desires will be flashing in our mind and we will add them to our list. These desires will make us take the trouble and go for more earnings.
    I know a person who wanted to invest a crore of rupees to establish an industry. Meanwhile, we had this COVD 19. He wanted to perform his daughter's marriage in a grand way. But he couldn't do it. He is very upset and now he says what do I do by earning more money. Now he has given up his idea of investing.

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    These were the thoughts that have popped-up many times but did not get any answer and our wants do not get over. When we don't have a house, we feel that once we buy a house, we will be fine, once you buy a house, you need to furnish it, once furnished, you need the latest technology, once you get the latest technology, you need good food, once you get good food, you need fashionable clothes, once you get fashionable clothes, you want your children to go to the best school, after that good college, after, good job and the list keeps on cropping up and we run after it to get the best. In the processing of getting the best, we keep on working and earning and forget to live a happy and content life. We know that we won't be taking anything with us when we die and our children will work as we have, yet we want to make a good bank balance so that they will have a comfortable life. In this running race to get everything, we amass wealth even though all may not be of our use.
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    There are different types of people on this earth to have amazing wealth.
    1. Greed. It is the greediness to accumulate wealth and feels happy with their assets and bank balances.
    2. Ego. It is the ego of a person to have better wealth than others and be superior to others with respect to wealth.
    3. Generosity. It is the people who wish to possess wealth to help others by creating job for others.
    4. Miserly. It is to have everything, but not to spend anything.
    5. Showcase. It is the people who want to drumbeat their wealth.
    6. Selfishness, It is the people who want to have money to spend their lives in luxury.

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    It is natural that when a person is born in the world, he needs to work hard for protecting his family from the burden. For that, we tend to indulge in business which gives us more money to our family. People will not get satisfied either from the money or through the high influence of political people. We can see in the news that the political connections inside the criminal cases are increasing day by day and now it's been a habit of them. The normal working-class people are finding it difficult to find their daily bread and butter and for everything we need money. Money cannot bring more romance to our life, because once we are dead we cannot take this money with us we have to leave it in the earth. People will not get satisfied either they earned money for successfully leading a life. We must hide some needs and must help people who are in need of it. Then only God will give us a blessing hand in our tough situations.
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