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    Origami- My new learning

    Most of us are already know about "Origami"- an art of folding papers from Japan. Nowadays, I am learning new things in Origami and the credit goes to my son. Origami keeps him engaged and we have made many things in this lockdown. Although I have made many simple things earlier also like a boat, small box, etc now I have learned to make a frog, Rose flower, finger ring, toy gun and many more. It is good for small kids as most of the time it requires only paper and glue stick, that's it. It may require scissors but that's for complex things and in such cases, you can help kids. I have attached the photo of a few of my origami experiments output (Toy gun is missing as my son did not allow me to click). So, try your hand and enjoy your good time with your kids and grandkids. Don't forget to share the photos here.

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    Lovely creations, Padmini. What's the white one?

    I've also enjoyed origami and I used to sit with my nieces to try my hand at it, but was able to work on only a few simple ones like the ones you mentioned - a boat, a box, and other basic ones like that.

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    The small white is a rose-shaped finger ring and the bigger one is a kind of a fan that moves fastly in a circular motion when we hold it on a pen or pencil under the fan.

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    Very nice to see the articles made and showed here. My appreciations to the author,
    When I was in my childhood days I learned to make some simples items like a boat, a small tin and other items. Later I practised making a bird also with a single paper. Later on, I left it. These days when my granddaughter wants some like this, I will be making and giving them to her. She will be enjoying by putting them in water. These items will float on water and slowly moving. That makes her happy.

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    duplicate post

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    During our schooling days, we had one craft subject and origami was included in it. During that time, we would enjoy making things and as mentioned, the most common one was the paper boat, fan, and flowers. They would teach making different types of flower-like rose, lotus, tulip, etc. Many of it is forgotten but few are still used and out of it, the flowers are what is used till date. We have our church fest in January and we pin paper flowers on the banana trunk. It is famous and known as Pindi perunal in Kerala.
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    Nice origami. Even I use to make it for my sons. I know only few thing like boat, gun, frog etc and my children love to play with them.

    I remember when an artist were invited by my school to teach us some origami and he also sell different type of papers for making origami.

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    During my childhood, especially during the rainy days, when the road used to be flooded with water running into the gutters, I used to make paper boats and enjoy the beaty of the paper boats sailing through the muddy waters. One used to be a plain boat. The other used to be 'Kathi kappal", a boat with a blade at the bottom. In addition, when we go to the cinema theatres, after eating channa from a coned paper, I fold the paper like an arrow with a sharp edge to reach the asbestos rooftop. Those days, the cinema theatres rooftop used to have many such arrows hanging on the rooftop. I like Origami. I help young students to complete their project works on Origami.
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    Nice attachment.
    In our childhood also we used make a lot of things by folding paper. We used to tear paper from our notebooks to make boats, aeroplane, rocket, propeller (fan), chips container, crackers and a lot more. I had forgotten a few and still remember and show to small children in our family sometimes.
    However did not know the name 'Origami' then. It was when my son was a child that I learned it was called Origami.
    In my schooldays we had a session (period) every week for 'craft'. A lot of creativity was taught and done during those classes. The present Origami was also there.

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