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    Have you recently done anything as a true Human Being?

    We have fashion brands which come up with "Being Human" caption printed on the merchandise. We can see hundreds or thousands of people wearing "Being Human" caption t-shirts, caps, wallets, tops, etc. But now a days its really hard to see anyone actually acting on phrase "Being Human".

    Biologically speaking, we are just another species of animals. But what makes us an "Human Being" is our feelings we have for each other. Feelings like love, care, respect, compassion, sympathy and empathy will make us real "Human Being".

    Any small incident faced by us or minor actions will many times make us realize us if we are really worth to be "Human Being". What is that moment for you when you thought of yourself to be proud of "Being Human"?

    I will also share shortly, my small acts of "Being Human" in true sense.

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    My driver is planning to construct a small house. So I have donated him Rs10,000/-. I have also given Rs.70.000/- as a loan without any interest and every month some money will be deducted from his salary based on his convenience. I donated Rs, 5000/- to an orphanage for taking care of the orphans. I will be giving small amounts like Rs.500/- to some time when they wanted to do some event in their temples.
    What I have done is not high but I did as per my convenience and ability. We should help people who are in need. Help need not beginning money only, we can do in kind also.

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    Being human is nothing but understand the plight of the others and being in their shoe in the terms of their bad period. We may reach out either in cash and kind and that should be timely. During this uncertain period even getting something needy for the people to which they are not accessible is also a noble human gesture. For example there is a Ayurvedic preparatory medicine which helps in keep away corona virus and it has 12 best ingredients which are mixed as the powder and we have to make it thick concentrate by adding to the water and drink that decoction without mixing with anything as sweetener. The taste would be little not acceptable to the human taste buds but we have to take it as the preventive measure and I have purchased the same and gave to many for free in the recent past. It is the immunity booster.
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    As a good human being, I made it a practice to give alms to the poor who comes to me, and won't say No to them. I carry sufficient coins and Rs. 10/- currency notes before I leave home, and I keep enough coins in the dashboard of my Padmini. Of course, it is a small gesture. But I offer Annadhan regularly every month to a minimum of 50 people on the Full Moon days in my temple premises. For this, I have allotted Rs. 2500/- per month for pooja and Annadhan. What else I can do for humanity. It is within my capacity. I am fully satisfied.

    By this, I am doing my small little service to God as well as human beings within the resource available to me.

    I am also trying to find a poor but smart and intelligent boy or girl to help them for their studies. I am in search. I can spare some sum for their education.

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    Everyone get a chance in his or her day to day life to do some good work. And one should not miss that opportunity to become a human being.

    What I do is I always 20-30 parle G biscuits package in my car and whenever anyone ask me for money on red light I used to give them 1-2 packages of these biscuits.

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    A small help on time, caring for a person when in need, taking care of our family, friends and neighbours, cleaning our surrounding, informing others about some important things, sharing vital information to others, giving company to the person in need, rending helping hand at times, following rules and guidelines announced by concern authority, not wasting food, energy, resources, teaching our children and others, respecting others and elders, sharing our food, seat and place with others, keeping social distancing for the betterment of everyone, volunteering ourself for a noble cause, etc are some of the works that keep us human. It is not that we have to do everything but atleast one thing in a day will always keep us grounded and live a peaceful and content life. Even a small help in any form can relieve another persona in he will be grateful to you and our small-small good deeds make us human.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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