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    Now-a-days we are living like early human being

    Due to covid-19 we all restricted up to four boundary wall of houses. we have no connection with any kind of activities.These days, we are having food and sleeping. Sometimes,staying at home we feel like early human being. As early human being used to live life for food purpose only. That time, nowhere charm was there in the world likewise today's world appearing same. What is your thinking about this? please share your experience.
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    True. The present-day life is like our forefather's forefathers. Those days people used to restrict themselves to their houses and planning for their food and clothes only. But there were changes afterwards. Many developments and life are completely changed. But now we are tasting those olden days. But there is a difference. They don't have any way of entertainment and any way of communicating. But now we all have the whole world in our hand. We are able to contact our friends, relatives and able to know their wellbeing. In olden days that facility was not there. Now we have the internet and we have laptops, desktops and TVs. If we are feeling bored we can go on seeing our mobile for some time. That way we have a better life than those olden days people. We are able to see new movies on web series and see many programs on TV and we are able to see videos on WhatsApp. We are able to take beautiful photos and post them on social media. We can spend a lot of time by watching social media.
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    Actually this corona has taught has many lessons and we have been relegated to the past era. That we should not trust anyone and even the family members when they go out and come back to the home and has to be thoroughly sanitized and given the head bath before entering the rooms. That we stopped visiting people nor we are allowing anybody to invite. In those days people go less to other places due to transport problem and far off place syndrome. And we are going through the austerity measure in many aspects and in those days the same would be done as many things are not available.
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    To some extent, I can say yes. But I will disagree with you. Unlike the olden days, we are provided with all the facilities inside a room. We need not go in search of wood to cook. We have gas in our house. We have TV, Music systems for entertainment. We have the internet for each and everything. We need not go out for marketing, but can buy everything online.

    We are living an old life with a fully modernized and comfortable old life.

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    Due to lockdown we are restricted but we are not living a early age life as still we have to work and manage things and do lots of things for our well being and for the future.

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