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    Moments are valued only when they become memories

    In life, everyone gets to experience many things, some pleasant and some not. Some of these experiences are forever etched in our life as memories and we can recall them even after many years. Who knows, the present moment that we are living in, might one day become a memory and we will cherish them years after. I am always reminded of the moment, when as a 5-6 years old big boy, on my insistence once, my mother carried me in her lap while we were on our way to some place. Of the umpteen times she might have carried me, this one particular moment with my mother has been etched permanently in my memory. Also etched are those moments with my father, every time I used to ride with him in his cycle, me sitting in the front and he used to amuse me by pedaling the cycle very fast. For me, he was the fastest cyclist then. Often boasted this to my son. With both my parents no more in this world, that is all I can do, cherish these and the other such golden moments with them. Wish we could value every moment as we live and not wait until they become memories.

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    We should cherish every moment. Absolutely right. Today we may be sitting with our parents and talking to them. But after some years they vanish and we will never have the chance of sitting with them and talking with them. So we should enjoy talking with them now itself so that you will cherish now and afterwards these moments will be your sweet memories.
    We never know the value when we have it with us. The moment we lose it or we don't have it we will under the value. Then nothing will be in our hands to rectify the mistake committed by us.

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    Just few minutes back we have been going through our marriage album as our children wants to see all those who have attended our marriage in 1992. As our children are born in 1997 and 2000 they want to see and enjoy who are the relatives who looked so young and handsome and also those ladies who were so gracious and awesome in nine yards pattu sarees. Today being our 29th marriage anniversary children want to enjoy the old images captured and filed as album in our old box. Surely what the author said is right. Such moments get more value as we tend to see them as the valuable memories of life. Even I was looking very young and the face was so with teenage looks and my wife looks so tensed on seeing the big family of us and the relatives who are looking very young gets laughter on seeing those images.
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    A captivating title.
    Our life comprises of fleeting moments. But if the moments are used worthwhile they create good history. But if they are wasted nothing is created, not even memory. We cannot recall any moment as there is no identity or mark left of it. The moment goes without leaving a trace. But if the moment is use well it gets etched in our memory or someone else's memory.
    The thread also concludes in a fervent hope that we would value every moment and use them well.

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    Our brain is a hard disk that captures and stores everything in it. The moments that are passed will never return. There are some good days, some bad, some full of joy some of sorrow, some made us laugh and some made us cry. Everything that was with us once is now just in our memory and that is what makes us remember them. In our life, we come across various stages of life and we learn from it and it is captured in our head. In the fast life, we miss many things or often overlook it until it is no more with us. The reason for not enjoying in the present may vary but is common with many. As said in the post, Moments are valued only when they become memories and many of you would agree with me that our Memories - Our happiness in the present of mutinous past
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