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    Feeling the absence of a few lovely members of ISC -Where are they?

    My dear Fellow ISCian,
    While ISC is celebrating its 13th Birth Anniversary, and members busy posting threads and responses for the last few days, SuN, a senior member of ISC, feeling the absence of a few lovely members who are missing from ISC.

    I really feel the absence of Members Juana, Saroja and Partha. Where are they? Why are they away?

    How about you? Do you also feel the absence of your favorite ISC Members? If yes, Who are they?
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    Yes we are truly missing the presence of Juana , Saroja , Partha and many others. I feel Juana would be posting in ask experts or the article section and Saroja has been irregular these days and not stopped and Partha has completely stopped contributing owing to some tiff. And we are also missing Kailash Kumar was the regular to the forum and even became the top forum contributor. We are missing the presence of Paresh Gujarati, Radha, Sundaram and many more. The ISC admin should go through the archives and call back those members were very regular and contributed much to the site.
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    It is true that all these members were contributing actively to the site. We don't what is the main reason for leaving this site?. Earlier I had also been inactive for some time being, because it was more personal matter like all the members will be having personal commitments to their family and hope that they are busy with their job profile and one day they will become active in the site. From now on if a member is not active for 3 months, then their entire cash credits and points will be cancelled and then we cannot claim our points and cash. It is high time we must call the members who were active in this site. The webmaster and editors must give them a call, so it will bring more affection to this site.
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    Yes, we are missing a lot because of absence of such members indicated by the author. They had the remarkable contributions in the different forums. Madam Juana was present actively six month back in the Article Section with the display of wisdom reflected in her contributions and time to time we enjoyed her tips in the Ask Expert Section. Similarly Mr Kailash Kumar was the regular contributor in the Forum Section with his forceful thoughts but he is not being seen these days. Madam Saroja was active up to late 2017 and later she kept her distance with almost all the sections. Mr Partha would be remembered for his unique contributions in different forums but his silence has dismayed us.
    Hope, they would share their thoughts regarding their absence from ISC platform and without delay, they would join us to enlighten us in numerous issues.

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    Saroja has posted in between. But she is not regular. Once in a while, she may be posting. I remember reading in one of her posts, Juana mentioned that post as her last post in this site. Probably she may be busy elsewhere. Partha stopped posting long back and maybe having his own reasons for that. Kailash Kumar also stopped completely. Bhushan is also not seen these days. Maybe they all have other activities and not able to spare some time for this site. Hope they will find some time and come back here to post.
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    In addition to the above mentioned members, some other brilliant members like Nadeem Naqvi, Sukh Dev Singh, Kalyani, Gypsy are also not seen from long time.

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    A garden becomes beautiful with a lot of different variety plants and flowers. The more they are the more beautiful and attractive the garden will be. Don't we feel missing something when we visit certain gardens in summer?

    I am missing many such ISC members. Many absent themselves, barred or leave; and many new members join and a few old members become active again. I find this going on like that even from start of the site. Once in a while when I search for something in ISC I happen to see names of members who were there before we joined and left before our joining. Many of them were giving value contributions too.

    Some memers could be having some otherpriorities and involved in them.There could be some always in the lookout of better opportunities and so may be contributing to more remunerative sister sites, or contributing as guest contributors or earning well from their own blogs or websites. Some may be even viewing the site without logging in also. There are many probabilities.
    But all said and done I also miss a lot of members now. I am not mentioning any names as missing even one name will be injustice.

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    Once upon a time, I had bitter experiences with certain members like Gypsy and Juana. Yet they remain in my good heart. After all, this is a virtual site. We can forget and unite.
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    It so happens in everyone's walks of life. Each one has his or her own commitments. Force can not build involvement. Let's hope to get them back, that is the only way.

    It will be interesting to work with people who can relate to us through their thoughts.

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