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    Do not Disturb - can you read the sign?

    The sign is usually in large bold letters to make the point clear. It can be seen on office doors and in some cases, we all see the word silence above it, such as in a medical facility or in a sensitive section of an organization. We see that 'Do not Disturb' sign and avoid knocking on the door where it has been put up or maintain silence where it is clear that there should be no noise, not even quiet talk.

    What about that same sign on somebody's face? Figuratively, of course! It is called "The Look". Now, more than ever, since family members are working from home, whether working on a company's project or conducting online classes this look is an alert, even a dire warning that clearly indicates the person should not be disturbed, no matter what. If the sign is not understood, it may be accompanied by a fierce scowl or frown or shooing away gestures with hands. Are you good at reading "The Look" which gets the message across loud and clear without any actual gestures required to do so?

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    My daughter is working from home. She doesn't want to be disturbed. Quite often she has meetings with her boss and her subordinates. She wants to maintain pin-drop silence at home, especially while she is at a meeting. Her look would be very serious. She will inform us in advance that she will be at a meeting from so and so time to so and so time. No TV, No Mixie, No pressure cooker. They will remain silent. They need the permission of my daughter to operate. Since our house has no dedicated working room or computer room, we have difficulties. On top of that, we have spared our house for a relative girl to work from my home. It is a pity that our home has turned into a full-fledged office now.
    In may home, during the day hours, we don't communicate with each other. She will take a very quick lunch and continue her work.

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    It is such that the husband and wife to need permission to communicate, same here too.

    We have set up our work at an outhouse, full-fledged office. With all the lighting, basic necessities. Once we are in, we will not be called for breakfast or tea until and unless called for it.

    Mobile has taken over all the roles of the family members and the little kid keeps on encroaching her actions to get into, the replica being repetition our words.

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    My house has become an office now. But luckily in our living room, we have no problem. Ours is a duplex house and my two sons are having their bedrooms on the first floor. The first-floor living room is big. My second had his table in the living room on the first floor. The elder son had his table in his bedroom. Kitchen and dining hall are on ground floor and our bedroom and guest room are on the ground floor. My laptop will be in our bedroom. Once they get in and close the door they will not have any disturbance. Three ladies and granddaughters will be in the ground floor living room and they will be attending their works or watching TV there only. If any meeting is there the rooms will be locked from inside. No one can disturb them. I will be spending some time in the living room and some time on my laptop in the bedroom. If they have any meeting or on call, they will inform the ladies and tell them not to disturb.
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    The first "Do not Disturb" from the look that I read was from my father. He was very strict and short-tempered. Whenever he is home, our home would be like a school, complete silence. Though he rarely caned us his looks were enough to keep the house in a "pin-drop silence or "Ssshhhhhh" mode. I think many of you could relate to me as in many houses, its the same case until we grow up and become friendly with him.

    In our unit group, we do have meeting, once in a month of the family church unit and during prayers, the same looks are seen in many parent face dealing with small children. We know that children keep on doing one-or-other thing and to keep them quiet, many fathers do keep heavy look. These signs are seen in offices, hospitals and clinics but very few people follow it.

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    "Do not disturb" expression while on work from or online classes going on is pretty general. But some people have this sign print on their faces. Some people do not want anyone to peep their emotions or personal life. They even sometimes respond to a casual smile with this rotten "Do Not Disturb" look on the face.
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    This is an interesting aspect of human behaviour where a person would have an expression on his or her face which would discourage the other person to take liberty of any sort. I remember when I was in my active job we had one boss who always had some 'look' on his face that sent shivers down the backbones of the bravest of employees. He talked less but could communicate much from his looks and many of the employees avoided to go to him until unless they are called by name to go there. Incidentally he was a great taskmaster and sought discipline from all of us.
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    Generally speaking every one does not make looks like that. It is only the shrewd and confident people who show to us that if we do not improve they would not pardon us and give us the tough time.
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    Neeru, I don't think it has anything to do with being shrewd. It is just that they are clearly indicating through their facial expressions that they wish to concentrate on what they are doing and don't want distractions/interference from anyone else.

    Even this special look you can see in a child who is wholly focused on some activity, be it colouring or playing some imaginary game. They will give that typical annoyed look when you say it is time to stop and eat or dring milk, like as though what they are doing is the most important thing and something that you are unnecessarily halting!

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