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    What type of online courses aspiring housewives can go for?

    Generally students as well as working people, men or women, go for online courses as per their need. Mostly these courses are related to their career for raise in salary or promotion avenues. At the same time, there are many women who are simply housewives but they also partly work online to pass their time or to earn some pocket money for themselves, though it is not a very common phenomenon. I was just pondering if these women want to increase their knowledge or skills then what type of online courses they can opt. Members having any experience or information in this regard may mention it here. This information may be helpful to some of the aspiring housewives. Please also share your views on this emerging trend.

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    If the housewives' intention is to earn some money, they can go for Tailoring course online. This is one of the easiest course to make money after the course. This costs nothing but a sewing machine, a scissor, a few threads and some spare needles. And some cheap clothes for practice.
    I would recommend that every housewife should be a tailor. They can save the money spent on stitching clothes for themselves and their children.
    After my marriage, My wife wanted to stitch clothes. I bought a sewing machine' Usha'. Alas! she conceived and did not have any interest to stitch clothes. Finally, I used the machine as a hobby, and I became a tailor at home. Still, the machine is lying idle and

    Dear Ladies, don't be like my wife. Please be better housewives and become a home tailoring master in your life.

    Sorry I missed out the word... aspiring, and posted my simple response applicable to an ordinary housewives.

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    When we talk about housewives, many online courses can help them move ahead and learn as well as earn. It is not that they go for a course that helps them to earn but it can help them in making their work easier. There are courses like cooking, surfing, accounting, teaching, singing, dancing, yoga, language classes, computer classes, software training, vocal training, first-aid, marketing, gardening, husbandry, details about fertilisers, more information about crops, vegetables, flower making, beautician course, etc. One needs to search for their interest works or course that will help them to add value to what they are interested in. Many housewives have joined cookery and baking courses and have started tiffin services, small cake shop, sells snacks etc, some have learned new thread works and embroidery which they use and sell clothes to local markets or shops, etc. Many are doing great in small and odd jobs and passing their time.
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    Online courses need not be for earning money. Many women would have aspired for some higher studies; but could not have done so for various reasons. Now when they see that they have some spare time, they can really aspire for taking up those wishes and interest and continue education by online studies.
    From their till now experience and exposure they would have formed some idea and wish on this regard. So they can choose a course which is their liking or fulfils their purpose.

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    Nice suggestions pouring in. Can members suggest some online courses for learning internet and web related things which could be beneficial for the housewives for working online. I know about one such course that is on basic animation learning.
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    Digital marketing certification courses are available. A housewife who can handle a laptop can do this course so that she can earn online using that knowledge. They can become member in ISC and start writing here. She will learn many things and that will be useful for her to know the various ways and means of earning through internet. She may get a little money from ISC also for her postings. Many certificate courses are available online and they will be useful for a housewife to work in that after obtaining the certificate.
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    Online area is like an ocean and there are myriads of opportunities here. One can do some course in basic web designing or computer language or learning some useful commercial app or learning management techniques or learning a language for translation work or learning data management for online data entry job or even undertaking paid survey jobs or attempting small micro jobs in 'fiverr' or 'up work' or 'Amazon turks' or 'DigitalMarket' or 'GigBucks' or 'Zeerk' or 'Truelancer' or Guru' or other similar working places in internet etc. There are immense options and one has to choose as per one's capability and liking.
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    Nice information shared by the members. There are so many things in online to try and definitely housewives interested in them would be benefited.
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    I will advise housewives to go for online learning lessons for bakery products. Cakes, pastries, biscuits, bread, buns, rusks or whatever you want you can very easily learn through some online tutorials. In any case, these food items are popular at every home these days, so instead of risking the entire family from virus infection by purchasing them for stores, make them on your own. Once you have perfected the art, you may even start your own part-time business by selling bakery products in your neighbourhood. Or who knows you may even start a big online or offline bakery business. In case you are wary of paying heavy sums for these online classes, need not to worry. You can take the help of YouTube. YouTube is the biggest online learning platform. There are numerous free tutorials and videos on YouTube that are equally effective in training you to become an expert baker. So, why to wait? Get your things rolling and seek the first opportunity to enrol for such online classes.
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