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    3 I's-initiate, inculcate and improvise

    Initially, when students started to learn through online classes, they did not have the basic knowledge. Later as they started to inculcate this habit in their daily lives by persistent instructions from teachers and friends. Students learnt a lot of tips, procedures through experimental experiences.

    Now students have improvised knowledge to just move on without a second through on the steps. Their fingers just flow on using the latest gadgets making themselves independent learners.

    Have you come across such procedures in your life? Express your views.

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    Nowadays students are going through their online class and they are doing it with good dedication and interest in it. The students can initiate their interest at any point and can do well in online digital class. For some students connectivity will an issue and they need help from the government. Students can improvise some details when given more attention. Most students need support from their parents as they are the role model for them. Many students will find online class good for them and will come out with flying colors.
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    Just on the lines of 3Rs, the author has proposed 3Is.
    The one I regarding self is always our priority.
    While agree with the author on the first two Is in the context, regarding the third one I would suggest Innovate instead of improvise. Once initiated, there should be inculcation of good things and useful things and then a constant effort to improve and innovate.

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    The post took me to my first job where I was just a college pass-out and joined the company with only theoretical knowledge. I was in the production department and had to manage the workshop. There were workers on the lathe, milling, drilling, grinding, lapping m/c etc. Managing the production along with dispatch was very hectic as every day, There would be new invoices or ordered and the salesperson would keep on calling for clearance of their order at the earliest. I was lucky to have senior and cooperative workers. I found it difficult to cope with everything but after 2-3 months in the workshop and understanding the nature of work, the flow, the process, compactibility with workers, it became easy. Later I just had to plan and make a chart of the order, the process would be followed, and they would find it on the table for despatch. If we take the initiative in learning new things, after a certain time, we get to know more about it and can be with the flow. We just have to keep in mind that for everyone, their first time was tough but later they have mastered their craft and now it's easy so also for us.
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    Practice makes a man perfect. This is a common saying. Any work you start initially you will feel it is very difficult. But slowly continue doing the same and you will find the ways and means to do that work easily and you will become perfect. When I started learning car driving, I felt it is very difficult. But continued to drive by asking the driver to sit in the front side seat. Then I have learned the trick and I got the confidence and then continued driving without driver also and I had been to long-distance, on a car, driving myself.
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    You could get the pulse of my thread, 3R's are read, recite and recall accordingly, I accept your thoughts as initiate, inculcate and innovate.

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