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    Does your phone charger heat up quickly and intensely?

    In the initial months of buying a new smartphone, it charges quickly. I discovered a few months ago that while charging the phone, the charger itself heats up quite fast. Other people have also experienced this. I wanted to know whether any of you are having this same problem? Any idea why it is so when it was not the case when the phone was first purchased?
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    It is true that the phone chargers gets heated quickly because we are not placing the mobile phones on the surface properly, so the charging point will not have any airflow out from it and thereby increases the temperature. Some apps when we use it on our phone gets heated up quickly and we cannot justify if there is any hardware problems associated with it. It is better to show the mobile to a mobile service shop to know the actual problem. Some times it will be due to the malware infection. If it happens all the time, the mobile phone may get damaged.
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    I place my phone flat on a wooden table and the charging point is near a window. Please could you elaborate on what you meant by the correct surface requirement? Also, I do not download and use apps. There is only WhatsApp and the inbuilt apps and features like notes, calculator, FM radio (have barely used it), camera, etc.

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    Most of the mobile chargers are substandard chargers including chargers bought along with a reputed company. The chargers don't last long. There are few branded chargers which have extended life. Yet they are also substandard. It is the tactics by the manufacturers to have their item sold in the market to make money through their products.

    This is entirely my personal opinion about the cell phone chargers. The same is the case with cell phone batteries. They too go bad very soon.

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