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    Does racism still exist ?

    Racism in common language is known as a concept or notion which defines superiority of a particular race over rest all other races of human beings based on colour as people of white skin assume themselves superior to all non-white skinned people or as Hitler's master race theory whereby he provoked all Germans to see all non-germans as inferior to them; but in broader perspective racism isn't confined in colour only. In my opinion racism is an ill concept deeply ingrained in the mind of people belong to any particular race, colour, region, religion, caste, creed, dogmas, ideology, language or any other tangible or intangible asset or quality which divides the human race in different classes and levels and incites them to do hatred-mongering, impartiality, oppression, suppression and injustice against one another literally can be denominated as racism.
    In India racism exists in different dimensions mainly based on caste, region, language and religion.

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    Now in many countries and many situations people find racism. Nobody can know which words or acts will be interpreted as racism. Some kind of discrimination whether practiced or kept hidden in mind is and was always there among humans. It will be there in future also. Just a long playing drama the stage, the actors and viewers may change. But story will be same.
    I sometimes feel that things are taken too far for certain vested interests always at every place. Hence instead of these discriminations and prejudices getting totally eliminated from human mind gets more cemented by creation of compartments by over propaganda. Many times media especially the social media is responsible for things getting escalated to worse situations and irreparable injuries and unbridgeable gaps.

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    I agree with you but sometimes, we are also a part of discrimination as a doer against individual or a group.

    I've heard about a prominent Indian leader who belongs to a lower caste when became the CM of a state didn't allow any other chair in the hall except a throne-shaped chair to be occupied by that leader.

    Was it a kind of revenge to upper caste ?

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    Your question does racism still exist stands true to this day and is everywhere. It is not only a problem in under-developed country but it is more in developed countries. I am more convinced by your thought that racism is not limited to skin colour but any form of discrimination be it religion, caste, creed, language, state, idea, wealth, profession, strength, looks, background, talent, etc can be called racism in its form. When we point racism, everyone checks on the clour of your skin but the discrimination of people on other grounds also has the same impact and pain to suffers. In India, such types of racism are mainly used by politicians, religious leaders, preachers, learned people and people with power (money/wealth or muscle). Even in this century, we read, hear and even see videos of people being discriminated on different grounds and some fight, some get supports and some give-up by committing suicide.
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    In India, caste plays a very important role everywhere and region place a very important role and language play an important role. The caste system is encouraged by the politicians and even in the election also the seats will be allotted based on caste. During elections, caste will play an important role. North and South feeling is also more in our country. Language is another factor which divides people in our country. Hindi and Non-Hindi feeling is increasing day by day. In every organisation also I am seeing this different treatment basing on their caste or language or region or religion.
    The elimination of this racism is very difficult not only in our country but also all over the world. People should come out of these feelings and should start seeing others also as a human being like us. Then only we can have a check on this. Let us all start thinking beyond all these issues. Then we may find a solution to this problem.

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    Racism does exist everywhere in the world and some gets reported and many gets to go unnoticed and even the people notice such discrimination they are silenced to voice their protest. In India there is a huge exploitation of the labor class by the upper class or those who are rich and capable to lead luxury life. Invariably you will find small aged labors in the rich homes for the reasons that the children would listen to what ever the master and says and the salary to be given is less as other perks are given. Most of the poor families agree to working in rich homes as they want to enjoy the comforts and left over food of the rich. So as long as poverty exists such kind of discrimination does takes place on all counts and every one who are inferior to the rich and those who afford the comforts of life.
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