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    What's happiness for you?

    The word 'happiness' is an abstract term, but the feeling we get from it makes a touching impact in one's heart. So, happiness is deep-rooted, and the pleasure from it is unimaginable and unmatchable certainly. We all become happy, but the reasons vary.

    Anything that satisfies and fulfils my desire give me extreme joy. Well, many people become happy when everything big goes right for them. Small happy moments are negligible for them. I give importance to every moment of my life, that's why not so important good events also satisfy me a lot. What about you? How do you measure your happiness in terms of happenings in life?

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    Happiness to me is normal health and comprises of all faculties working normally, normal hunger, consuming food with taste, normal sleep, no debts or manageable EMIs, close people around, good weather and good sense and God sense in mind.

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    Happiness is a state of our minds. Different things make different people happy. Some become happy with money while some like friendship. Some feel happy in helping the poor while some would travel around the world. So, deriving happiness is a different aspect for individuals. For me happiness means calm and peace of mind where no one disturbs me and lets me work freely as per my mood and wishes.
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    Anything that makes you comfortable and pleases our mind is Happiness. When our mind rests peacefully is happiness. When our desire is fulfilled is happiness. In our life, each and every occasion has both happiness and sadness. If we get it, it is happiness, If we don't get it, it is unhappiness.

    On a crowded bus, if we get a seat to sit, it gives us happiness.
    On the 1st day of the month, if we get our salary, we get happiness.
    When we reach our home, and if our wives welcome us with a smiling face, it gives us happiness.
    If we see anyone with a smiling face, it gives happiness (though we may be in a different state of mind)

    Happiness is nothing but a comfortable feeling.

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    For me happiness means good atmosphere in the house and family members should play games and should have other amusements together and enjoy the company. There is nothing like a happy family.
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    Happiness for me is when me and my family is sitting together have good time with no tension. If my Family is with I become happen it does not need a reason for me.

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