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    Online Open Book Examinations, What is your take on it?

    With a sudden pandemic going around the world, we have faced a lot of problems in almost every aspect of life. And one such arena is exam conduction, As many universities have come up with online exam without much research about it

    1, as most of the students, left their rooms and pgs with such suddenness and left for their home they did not have all the study material with them. When there are no books at their disposal so what is the relevance of open-book examination.

    2. Not every student have gadgets such as smartphones or personal computers, and even if they do have it. Their Internet connection is not such to work for online exam and a proper space or room at their homes to peacefully take the exam.

    3. Websites of college which often crashes even while downloading results, mock papers and form filling by thousands of students and how can we expect it function properly while the student taking the examination.

    Above all why universities are in such a hurry to take the exam. I understand that we have to accept the new normal but at what cost?
    Isn't it right to wait for a few more months and than later take the exam on pen-paper mode?
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    Even with books at hand open, towrite an answer the student should have opened andread the chapters at leat once.
    It is better to give open books so that we can avoid copying in exams.

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    What I feel that open books exams would be more challenging and difficult to those students who does not have the habit of reading and referring. If the students feel that they can write good exam and score much through open book exam then their expectations would be wrong. The questions asked would be tricky and the students need to answer by referring to many lessons of the same book and thus time would be wasted for one single question if the students does not study at all. And if the students have the habit of studying then writing exams would be not be problem as they have the idea of the question to answer.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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