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    Penultimate- the last lap remains

    In school after declaration of the results of sports events the non-winners used to tease themselves pointing one another as first/second/third; and then after a pause add "from last".That meant they completed last or next to last, etc.

    Later we learnt the one-word for next to last position, as penultimate; that is, last but one. It was still later that I knew about antepenultimate and preantepenultimate. But I had not seen them used much anywhere though penultimate is often used.

    Now why I remembered this word is today is the fourteenth day of the fifteen day thread-a-day challenge. Just one more day remains in the fifteen days schedule and one thread remaining to be posted after this thread.

    So now we are in the penultimate stage of this challenge and just a lap remains to the finishing point.Cheers to all to complete the last lap too.

    (This is the 14th thread for A Thread a day Challenge)
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    In this last leg, I tried to pull up and run fast, and I clicked "Start new thread". And I found a big red circle and a cross in it, telling me that I exhausted my quota for the last five days with 15 threads. I am waiting to post a thread today. I hope I will be able to post my 14th thread today before 2359 hrs. My topic is ready, but ISC is not ready to accept my post now. Waiting for the time to pass.

    I was careful, yet I exceeded my limit.

    No life without Sun

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    Why should we think that this is the penultimate day of challenge on one thread a day contest hoisted by the site. I feel everyone of us talented enough to bring one thread a day without even accepting the challenge and we have that much information at our disposal. In fact I want to continue this challenge up to the end of the month if the contest rules permits otherwise I would be raising the threads in normal way. ISC has once again become rich with more contents posted by the contesting members and our forum is brimming with super activities and I feel this should continue even after the contest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Sun, please check the last sentence of Note C in the announcement thread which says 'there is no restriction in posting regular threads but the total would be subject to the posting limitations'. You should have kept it in mind.
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    Running this long-distance race of 15 laps is very tiring and exhausting but I am happy to be able to make it till the penultimate lap. At the start, I felt very energetic, took up the paper and pen and jotted down some 20-30 topics that can be posted during these "Thread a day - challenge contest" and I do have more titles but no content. Framing content from the thread is not easy and that was what took me back from raising new threads every day. Hats-off to Mohanji(#703757) for showing the same energy level and wanting to continue posting to the end of the month. I am taking a few sips of water to keep the energy going and to complete the race that we all started in true spirit and enthusiasm. In every race, the first few laps are run with energy but as we keep running, the energy level lowers and one needs good stamina to complete the race. I do find a few oxygen cylinders after seeing members trying their best to cope up with the challenge and running the race. I hope to complete the race and reach the finishing point with others tomorrow.
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    I have posted my penultimate thread and now waiting eagerly for the final day to arrive. It is nice to see that till now, everyone of us was able to keep up with the challenge without fail. But it will be bit of a challenge for Sun considering that he has exhausted his quota of 15 threads. Hope you are able to manage somehow. And yes agree with Mohan that even after the challenge ends, one should keep on posting regularly. That way, the forum section will be always live and active.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Sun, in my previous response, I failed to appreciate the fact that you have posted 15 threads in 5 days itself, whereas, few like me are struggling to post the same number in 15 days time. You have already gone beyond the challenge. So hats off.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    It's a kind of excitement because the challenge is going to end tomorrow. Though there are a few who never think this as a challenge because of their frequency of posts and hats off to them. I remember, Mohan Sir requested in the form of a thread to all of the members to post a thread on a regular basis and he is always enthusiastic about it. Sun also raised concern regarding less number of threads posted on some days. From his response, it is understood that he has exhausted his quota. It's always good to remain active in this section and with this challenge in mind if it becomes a regular practice there is nothing better than this.

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