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    Who says India cannot cope up the Pandemic loses?

    Post lock down ease and the approach of our PM Modi towards strengthening the self reliant plank the world companies understood the future motive of our country and thus wanted to invest in a big way. Firstly it was Facebook which invested in Reliance Jio platform and then Amazon for expanding its online market and now Google wants to invest 75000 crore in the phased manner in digital India platform to strengthen accessibility of digital service in the local language and thus India is getting good and big investments and making the assessment of critics wrong.

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    Critics will be there but one has to move ahead. It is true that many companies have started thinking beyond China and that's why looking for another destination where there is a very good market. India is one such nation where there is a good market and when everybody is looking for investment in the country these investments from renowned companies are something to be cheered about. Along with all these investments, there will be more job opportunities and we all hope that the job scenario all over the country will change in a phased manner. The losses all over the world are huge and it will take some time to cope up with it. Everybody is hopeful about it and think of a good prospect.

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    Good thought and is a welcome note for all as the pandemic has caused havoc in many lives, their jobs security, etc, such news is positive and forward-looking. I would not say that the critics were wrong in stating that India in danger as per the situation we were facing with no back-up plans and no lookaheads, they were right in pointing fingers and highlighting the problems that we face and will face. Facebook which invested in Reliance Jio platform, Amazon for expanding its online market and Google wanting to invest 75000 crores in digital India platform to strengthen their accessibility in digital service in the local language is really good and big investments. Such big foreign investment will release some pressure and bring-in new opportunities but we need to use it to our development and overall growth.
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    This is expected. Chins is an enemy for many countries now. They are no more interested in looking at that country. So they are all trying for another venue to launch their platform. India is the automatic choice for such companies. Many foreign companies are planning to invest in a big way here in this country. A welcome feature. If more companies are coming naturally the employment potential will increase and many people will get new jobs. So the country is going to have a big jump in all the fronts shortly. We should see the post COVID era as golden era for the country. Many people without understanding the situations properly may criticise the present Prime Minister. But he is a visionary and he will see that the country will develop on all fronts. Already the foreign investments in JIO, Amazon and Google will change the scenario and they will give way for many new foreign organisations will come and start working here.
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    It is a feel-good thread when there is all news of negativity everywhere. India is a country having large untapped potential. Moreover, as I have said in earlier occasions too, we Indians are best crisis managers. So we will definitely successfully manage the Covid crisis too. There is now a good awareness of becoming self-reliant. People have realised that self-help is the best help. We have to think about us; think about India, make in India.

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    I think, compared to many other countries, India is in a better position to reboot itself back to business. The main advantage of our country is its dynamic population, especially the younger lot. The youth of the country today is ready to take on the toughest of challenges. The COVID crisis has taught the country valuable lessons in becoming self-reliant in many respects. Today's generation has a never say die attitude, that is helping them to go places, whether within the country or seven seas away in distant countries like the USA. Moreover, business is in our blood, so no wonder, industrialists like Mukesh Ambani are doing the country proud by joining the elite group of the top six richest people in the world. Even China seems to have realised, India is no pushover.
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    I think we have immense potential to make our country out stand even in this pandemic situation as we have a large task force which can do anything if it is properly utilised. Many things are happening very favourable and interesting in this respect as author has already indicated and I have also full hopes that we would rebound soon from the present economic depression back to an economic prosperity.
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