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    Mistakes and blunders done in young age haunt us long

    Everyone was young one day and every child would also become young one day. The age of youth is full of energy and vigour. It is the time when one dreams everything and feels that everything is attainable. At the same time, young age is the age of infatuation when we are attracted to everything whether that is our cup of tea or not. I remember When I was in my class XII, I got fascinated by different languages and their alphabets and in my excitement started learning Russian through some help books but the spirit died soon and I learned only the alphabet and a few words. Later at some point of time same infatuation took over me for learning French and that also ended with a few words like Bonjour (Hello) and Merci (Thanks). The point I want to drive is that in our young age we are carried away by heart and not by our mind and in that situation commit some mistakes or blunders. These could be small ones or of grave concern but they are enough to haunt us for our lifetime. Please share your views on this.

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    Mistakes and blunders are part and parcel of life and we cannot say that we do it only at a young age. When we are young, we are strong, energetic and want to conquer the world and in the process keeps on doing things that come our way without giving a second thought. Some turn out to be good for us while some are blunders. At times, we learn from our foolish decisions or mistakes and become careful. At times we are carried by fascination or looking at others but that may be a great mistake which we overlook due to our age or spirit. When we grow big or old, we think every decision we take are good but sometimes, even then there are mistakes and we feel sorry in the later stage. With every mistake or foolish decisions, we tend to either learn or make a way for us. Some are quick learners and understand but some keep on falling and takes time to stand firm. If we take our mistakes and blunders as a stepping stone, it won't haunt us but if we take it as a mistake, it may keep us haunting for life.
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    We are more active and energetic and hence we will be doing many activities and in that, some may be blunders or mistakes. But we can do a mistake when we are a kid or even when we are grown also. Dharmaraja is grown up and a king to a kingdom. But he did the mistake of playing dice with Duryodhana and last everything. It is a big mistake and because of his own mistake, his whole family suffered a lot. So big mistakes will haunt us for long. But the age-old blind man Dhrutharastra also made a big mistake by supporting his foolish son. He paid for the penalty. So any person young or old can make mistakes and they have to pay the penalty. I feel there is no connection between age and committing mistakes. But some mistakes will definitely have a big effect on our lives and we feel sorry for those mistakes.
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    Adolescent age is very funny in the sense that we are preoccupied with many activities not bothering its outcome whether this would be helpful in the long run. We have seen many adolescent collecting the postal stamps of different times, learning different languages such as Russian, German , asking autographs of some noted personalities etc just to satisfy our mental whims. Not necessarily, we would be carrying on such activities in the years ahead.
    Though we may feel sorry for such involvements at the later part of life, but during that period we did not have the capacity to analyse the mistakes committed in course of learning and that is the best thing at least for an adolescent. A feeling of regret could have dampened their moods and without worrying for the mistakes, they take another ventures in order to derive pleasure and so the life goes on.

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    I don't have anything to regret, and I do not remember any mistake or blunder committed by me during my younger days. But I realize one thing. Though I stayed near a riverbank (Tamirabharani of Tirunelveli) I did not make use of that opportunity to learn swimming. Later, when I joined an organization where swimming was an essential qualification, I had to practice swimming. I was successful and achieved my goal. Also, when my dad asked me to learn Hindi, when I was in VIIIth standard, I learned it partially. I passed in Prathmik and failed in Madhyama. And I could not get into Rashtrabhasha. Yet, I don't regret it. I can speak better Hindi than a guy who passed Rashtrabhasha.
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    I do not think that the mistakes and errors we committed when we were young will haunt us in our adult life. As children and early youth we may not be involved in serious matters. Moreover there would be people overseeing us or training us. We may not be holding any high responsibilities also. Hence even if we commit some mistakes they won't be of serious consequences and they could be remedied or rectified too. Though at that time they may appears important to us, later on we will be remembering them as learning steps and even laugh on them.
    However what worries me now is that I read in media various reports where the youth who are in their teens even indulge in unwelcome and anti social acts. Many of them get caught and punished by law. At least for a few of them these events can have impact i their residual life too.

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    Not all the people make mistakes and blunders in their young age. It is only the few who are misled and misguided.
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    Young age is like that only when people take risk and often commit mistakes. Sometimes it is due to certain constraints and situations where there is no alternative and option and the young people get trapped in it.
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