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    Did anyone lose their documents when staying at the lodge or Hotel?

    A few years back my friend has gone to Bengaluru for his work and it was his first time in life to visit such a huge Tech Hub. Due to lack of money, he went on to make a room at the lodge, which he thought was good for him. After keeping his bag in the room, he went on to take bath in the toilet after coming back he found that his bag has been lost and all his personal documents including certificates and laptop went on missing. He lodges the complaint but unfortunately, he was not able to recover his bag. Then he applied for duplicate certificates and gained all his credentials. Is it good to stay in a lodge?. What all things do we need to understand before taking a room at the lodge or at a hotel?. Share your views on the topic.
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    I have never experienced nor have any of my friends experienced such a situation. I have read in the newspapers about such incidents and the only way is to be cautious, book in the well-known or reputed lodge. Anyone visiting new place for work or education program or functions, can check details online and do the booking so that last-minute gimmicks can be avoided.
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    Wherever I go I used to stay in particular lodge or hotel mainly because they do not say 'no room'. Once I went to a lodge in Bangalore I have been asked to produce Identity proof, as the lady in the reception was a new appointment . I gave my aadhaar card and another boy went inside to take a copy of the same. But the reception person told me the room number allotted. By forgetting the aadhaar card, I went to the room. Immediately I proceeded to Advocate office after taking bath. When I took my purse for paying in the hotel after lunch only I realised that I have given my aadhaar card to the hotel receptionist. Evening only I returned to the room with urgency I went to the reception but the lady was immediately handed over my aadhaar card to me with smile and then gave my room keys. Immediately she started to leave and told me that she was only waiting for me to hand over the card. Then onward, I patiently wait and get back the id card or anything handed over.

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    Though I did not face any embarrassing situation so far while staying in a lodge / hotel at different cities in connection with my tour. May be I go through the feed backs written by different customers and then I make some decisions to move to that lodge/ hotel.
    Normally, the hotel industries as of now are reeling under severe financial crunch due to the COVD 19 affecting their profits. Even prior to this, there had been stiff competition in the hotel industries trying to generate revenue by hook or crook and in order to remain in the limelight, they did not resort to unfair practice such as the misplacement of articles of the customers, theft of money etc. Normally such unfair practices are seen in such hotels where turn out of the visitors are extremely low.

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    I toured many places and stayed in many hotels during those tours. But I never experienced such an incident. I never heard also. Before getting into a lodge we should see how good is the hotel. There may be some lodges where the costs are very low. In such hotels the people working will not get good salaries and hence they will be working for a few days and going for another job. So even the lodge owner also don't know what type of people are there. One should lock his room from inside when he is going for the bathroom. When we go out if the hotel is not a standard hotel we should not leave cash in the room. One should lock and carry the key with him. Generally, we can see about the hotel through the internet and see the ratings. Based on the reviews and ratings we can select the hotel within our range. Otherwise, when you go to the lodge by seeing the surroundings and people also you can decide whether to opt for that hotel or not.
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    Neither I nor my friends had the experience of losing their belonging in a lodge. Whenever I get into a lodge, I will be very careful and ensure that my items or safe. Immediately after getting into the room, I bolt the room door and go for a wash or bath. I don't leave the room unlocked even if I go out for a few minutes. We do not know, the person staying in neighbouring rooms could be a 'Chor'.

    Lodges are not safe havens. Be alert, Be careful, Beware of strangers. Follow these three 'Bs' whenever you get into a lodge.

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    Thank God, such things did not happen to me. But I had some other incidents.
    I was going to attend an interview for my first job; I had to get down at Kurla station in Mumbai. I was not much use to the unimaginable crowd in Mumbai local trains. While getting done the file in my hand was pushed away by te incoming crowd. The file opened and some papers fell into the track also. I waited till the train moved. Then some people also came to my help and collected all the papers and put back to file. As I was rational I did not take it as ill omen, but proceeded for the interview. By God's grace I got the job.
    I lost my camera during my visit to Palani. I am still not able to clearly remember where I lost it. Only after reaching back home did I know that the camera was not there. Though I called back the lodge in Palani they said I had not left it there. A lot of photos of that visit and some earlier travels and tour were also lost with that.
    At Ayodhya, I lost a few clothes hung outside our hotel for drying. Some monkeys were playing and hanging on the clothes and on their weight the clothes fell down n the drains below. I did not even think of retrieving them.

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