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    We are not apart from but part of nature

    We, humans, are a part of nature. However, we decline the fact from time to time and over the years have learned to grow apart. As we feel that we are separate from it, we have been degrading the environment around us. We have been giving justifications for the destruction such as we are dominant species and superior to every living being that ever existed or is existing. The consequence is what we are witnessing with our eyes wide open. The destruction caused by us is destroying us. Whether it is about the weather, natural calamities, health issues, rising pollution or depletion of resources, we are gradually progressing ahead in every aspect.

    What if we become one with nature? All we have to do is understand that we are an intrinsic part of our natural environment. The closer we remain to it, the better ecosystem we can form and get rid of all the problems that we are facing right now. For example, try to eat all-natural and avoid eating processed and junk foods. Within a few days, we can see enormous progress in our physical health. Amidst the busy life, devote some time to spend in nature by going for nature walks, weekend treks or hikes or spend time gardening and see how happy the mind gets. It drastically improves mental health. Try to walk as much as possible, and avoid using vehicles to save nature from the hazards of burning fuel. Not only will we be helping the environment but also improving our health.

    All we have to do is consider ourselves a part of nature and not apart from it. Once we understand this fact, we will try as much as possible to conserve it and adopt steps that would be beneficial for it. Our every action not only affects nature but in turn, affects us. How many of you agree with this concept? Do you feel that we are one with nature? How many of you consider humans as superior to others?

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    Many of the things that we require to survive, we get from nature i.e food, water, air, etc. We are blessed with such a good environment that everything in it is beautiful and loving. We were one with nature but as we progressed and brought in development, our bonding with it fell apart. We want to progress and make things that will ease our efforts or work and we started using chemicals, fertilizers, and other aids. With every progress, we have started degrading nature. We can feel the effect of droughts, floods, earthquakes, famine, pollution, temperature rise, climatic changes, new diseases, etc. Every year we encroach forest land, cut trees and make new buildings, natures ability to hold the soil and retain water table is low which brings in landslide, famine, dangerous specious harming our lives and crops, etc. Unless we make ourselves part of nature, we won't be able to enjoy life and everything in it.
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    We were depending on nature for many issues. Without nature's support, we can't live on this earth. A son who came up in life with the support of his parents is ditching them in their old age and flying away with his wife. What we are doing to nature is somewhat similar to that. We are taking everything available in nature and we are abusing it. It is like kicking with our leg on the breast of the mother from where we get our food in our initial days of survival here. Let us stop spoiling nature. Don't abuse it. We will have a better life on this earth.
    The thought of the author is excellent. If we think we are also a part of nature we will never destroy it. If we get the "ours' feeling we never spoil it. We should start moving with nature so that we will get the feeling that we are also a part of this nature.

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    Nice post from the author. The day when we think that the nature is not for us and it is for others and why should we care to preserve it then it is the last day our right to exist in this very planet. When the nature is gives you the fresh air to breathe, it is not continued and sustained as there are destruction works going on and we the people are not compensating the loss of nature. For example if a large lay out of Independent villas has to be constructed. the land has to be cleared from grass, plants and even trees which happen to the hindrance to the construction of house. But the constructing contractor never give the thought to compensate or replace the loss of trees that were cut. In this regard I appreciate Hyderabad Metro rail which removed many trees and trans located them somewhere and drawn the appreciation of the people.
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    We are the mix of five basic elements that constitute this world or nature. It is the mystery or miracle called life that keeps us a living humans by binding and holding the five elements united. Hence after death humans return to nature and the elements one way or other.
    It is to remind us that we are just a speck of ash or just a speck of and that we wear the holy ash(Vibhuti) and mud-(Thiiruman which certain communities wear like sandal paste is a kind of mud). The Bible also reminds us about it.
    Though humans feel they are not nature and above nature, certain natural calamities and the consequent devastation remind us that nature can still subdue us and we should not anger it. If we nurture nature which wild nurture us manifolds.

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