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    We will like to share our happiness but what about sorrows?

    It is common that we share our happiness with many and it definitely doubles our joy. After knowing our happiness many will appreciate, encourage, and pat us for our success. So our confidence will increase and help us to move forward with more vigor. But if people are in sorrow they don't like to share sorrow with others like happiness. They think if they share their sorrows, the others may know their weaknesses and may make fun of them. Some may think that they may become a gossip point and laughing stock in the minds of others if they share sorrows. Both happiness and sorrows are just two sides of the same coin. Why people show differentiation in expressing these feelings. A Swedish proverb is saying "Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half sorrow". In this contest members please share your clear views about this issue.

    This is my 14th July thread to ISC 13th Birthday contest thread
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    Many associate sorrows with weaknesses or failures. When do we become sad? Only when we fail at something. Why do we fail? Either due to lack of sufficient skill or knowledge. Thus, it is shameful to us that we are not able to achieve what we wanted as we do not have enough resources for it. Who likes to share their weaknesses or failures with others. This kind of mentality stops us from sharing our sorrows. Thus, we prefer sulking on our own and only share our happy moments and joyful things with others.

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    We are injuncted by our holy scripture that we shouldn't share our achievements and success with people as they might feel jealousy, however, our own family members who love us a lot, always wish to see us successful in life and feel proud of our achievements can/should be shared with.

    You can observe this jealousy even in your own relatives who've son/s of your age still struggling for success can be jealous of you as well as your family.

    Of sorrows: We can share with all our well-wishers, it will alleviate our sorrows and pangs of pain.

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    Happiness and sorrows are the two side of the same coin but we humans like to enjoy and be happy. When we share our joy, it doubles and increases. In the same way, when we share our sorrows, it decreases but we should know with whom we should share it as people like to pin us or hurt us with our sorrows. Many in the crowd would like to be nice or consoling in front and stab us from the back. We can share our sorrows with our near ones as it will help us to reduce its impact and feel calm. Indeed, we human needs others in our joys and sorrows but many people play the two-edged sword who would feel jealous in our joy and happiness in our sorrow.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    When we are happy we share that by inviting others for celebration. But when we are sad our close family members and good friends come without even our asking them and help us to get over the situation or remedy the situation. They keep us strong to face the crisis standing close to us and holding us if needed.
    Family and friends are the people who stand by us in rain or shine.

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    When we are in sorrow, we require the soothing words of some close people. When we know some of our close friends are in grief we should go and pacify them. We should help them as required and see that they will get some change in their position. When they are happy even we don't go also they may not feel. But when they are in problems we should go and help them. They need not invite us or ask us. That is a decent way to act. When we share our sorrow with others we feel we get relieved.
    Abhimanu died in the war. Nobody can stop the weeping of Arjuna. Then Lord Krishna go to him and with a soothing voice talks to him and specifies him and Arjuna got some relief with his words. A hand which removes our tears is very important when we are in grief.

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