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    Do you know today is shark awareness day

    Yes, we do have something called the Shark awareness day that is celebrated every year on 14th July. To an average person, sharks are the fiercest and the most fearful of predators. To someone bathing in the sea or sailing on a boat, the mere sight of a shark fin is enough to induce panic. Even some of the smaller whales are wary of species such as the Great White Sharks. So wondering, why this day is celebrated? It is all because these great hunters are being hunted in large numbers by who else, other than we civilized humans. The population of sharks is dwindling at such large numbers that in few years, they could even come in the list of endangered species. Since they come at the top of the food chain, it is essential that they be protected; otherwise, the complete balance will be lost. World over, especially in the Mediterranean region, sharks are being hunted for food. Plastic pollution is also responsible in a big way, as the sharks ingest them and are killed. The Shark Awareness Day thus highlights the risks to these fantastic animals created by nature.

    Please spread this awareness among your circle of friends.

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    I was not aware of this day and got to know about it from this thread. It is very important to raise awareness otherwise sharks can be among the endangered species one day. To make people aware of anything it has to be widely circulated and I think media plays a great role here. Awareness programs can start on this day at many places around the world but this awareness campaign has to be run for some time as awareness cannot be created on a day. These types of awareness are required because we call ourselves civilized but act otherwise.

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    A piece of new information to me. Never know about this day. Thanks to the author for sharing the information. The information can be dissipated through various media so that many people can understand the importance of the day.
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    I did not know this as it is totally a new information for me. Incidentally I had read some place that the only fish which can blink its eye is shark. So, I thought that I should share it here with the members.
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    Let me ask this. What good the sea fishes like shark fish do for us. What is the benefit of them to other lives on earth or at sea? Shark fishes eat other small fishes and survive. It is a God created food for men. Shark is a very tasty fish. In Tamil, the shark is known as "Suraa". There is a small white in colour shark fish known as 'Paal Suraa' (Milky Shark). This fish is good for women who delivered a baby. Eating such fish improves the breast milk of a feeding mother.

    Two-third of the earth is Ocean. I don't think the shark population will be reduced by eating them. Let us not worry. Let us continue with our fish-eating. And also celebrate the Shark Days. By not eating shark, we will be allowing them to spread at sea which will be very dangerous to our mariners.

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    I also did not know about this day. Fortunately for me, while on my way to office today, I was listening to the FM radio. There I heard the RJ speaking about the Shark Awareness Day and thus came to know about it.
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    I have not known this Shark Day. Sharks were described to us as dangerous sea living creatures. Many English movies portrayed them as killers. That was enhanced especially with the wide screen images and the special sound effects. So that is the fearful image imprinted on my mind. It is only after reading more on them that I found the humans are more dangerous to the sharks.

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