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    What is your gift to the next generation?

    The world we live in is full of resources that we use every day. We have food on our table, fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, fresh flowers that perfume our ways, greenery around that elevates us, fuel to cook and even drive, power fo use for our welfare, the technology that makes our work easy, etc. The resources that we use today are the gifts of our ancestors who have used and even preserved it for their next generation.

    In the present world that we live in, the food we eat is full of chemicals and fertilisers, air and water are polluted due to environmental degradation, trees and forest are cut in the name of progress, too much extraction of fuel and resources that are changing the eco-system, every technology is helpful yet harmful, bonding is going away, etc.

    The things that we all have is only property or money but what will do when they won't have food, water, the air that is the main sources for life. My mother has the habit of planting trees and whenever we question her for what she is planting as she is old and would not enjoy its fruits. She would smile and answer, I know I won't be able to have its fruits but my children and their children may enjoy it. In such small thoughts, they are giving their best to the next generation. Do the new generation remember the sacrifices of the older generation?

    In the Holy Bible, Joel 1:2-3 It is written, "Hear this, you elders; listen, all who live in the land. Has anything like this ever happened in your days or in the days of your ancestors? Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation." What does the present generation have in mind of passing to their next generation? What would be your gift to the next generation apart from money and property?

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    The present generation is mostly got attracted to foreign culture and is less interested in adopting our good old tradition and culture. Mostly the people of this generation have no proper knowledge of our good old tradition and culture. If the awareness of it and practice they can pass it on to the next generation. This is the best gift we can pass it to the next generation.

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    It is a lovely post by the author questioning us all about the legacy we are going to leave behind for the next generations. After reading this post, I remembered one thing. Earlier when people would visit Pandharpur located in Maharashtra, they had to walk for days or months from their home to the temple. This is practised even today. People in earlier days whenever would take a halt to rest, they would eat fruits, and throw their seeds on both sides of the road. When asked, they said that those devotees who would come to visit the Lord should be able to seek fruits and for their sakes they were throwing the seeds on both sides of the road. It was a lovely gesture.

    As far as the question of leaving the legacy comes, we have ruined everything in nature. Thus, there is nothing that we can offer to our younger generation. Money and property can be given. However, not everyone is so well equipped. I feel teaching moral values is a fantastic gift for the next generation. These values will help them to navigate through good and bad times easily.

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    It starts from our own house. What is it that we are leaving to the next generation in our own family? Similar contribution can be suitable to the next generation in society in general too.
    These days we hear a lot about the fallacy and meaninglessness of leaving a lot of money and wealth to our children. We cannot be sure how they will use it and maintain it.
    My father us to say that the best parents could do to their children are teaching good character and give them good education. Education (Vidya) is the ideal wealth which no one can steal, which need not be divided among siblings, which no one can forfeit, which only increases in giving others.
    So the best we can do is to educate our children to the maximum suitable needed extent. Also help any other needy children or students to pursue their education.
    After education, the next thing which can help the coming generation is planting trees that can give hade as well as fruits.
    These two will be the best gifts we can give or next generation.

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    My best gift to my future generation is - A temple where the family can meet, sit, discuss and enjoy with utmost love, unity, cooperation with a feeling of togetherness.
    My forefathers made a small temple with thatched leaves, my grandfather made it a clay walls with a tiled roof, My father made a concrete roof, and we constructed a tower over the roof with a big hall to sit and worship. This is a permanent family gift to our future generation. Our future generation should continue to maintain and develop it and live happily, keeping our family deity in their mind.

    I think, there cannot be a better gift than this

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    My father taught me what is good and what is bad. How we have to live without deviating from a path which will not hurt others or annoy others. I tried my best so far to follow that and I had a happy and prosperous life so far and I believe this is due to the path my father showed me. I tried to teach the same to my two sons and they are also travelling in the same way. I feel I have gifted them good manners and good ways of living. More than that I think I can't give anything more than that.
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    One of my friends recently posted this on his Fb page. It was a quote of Bruce Lee, " Instead of buying your children all the things you never had, you should teach them all the things you were never taught. Material wears out but knowledge stays." A good note for the thread and it has a lot of meaning in itself.
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    I am trying hard to figure out the answer to this thread but am not able to conceive what we have so far done or are planning to do for the future generations. To some extent the trees we are planting might help them in future for a better environment. There are some NGOs and other such organisations which are trying their best to preserve the ecosystem may be that would be beneficial. Whatever we are doing is not in a big way and only in piece meals.
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    Our legacy must be passed on to the next generation and they may accept or not but we are duty bound to educate them well, give the best living experience, and let the children know what it took the hardship and challenges to make them big and good to sustain all kind of challenges now. When we lived the life with so much precision, taking good decision, avoiding arguments, and facilitating others to show case their talent and giving the way to the merit to prosper and sustain are the great legacies we can transfer to the children so that they would also follow the same foot steps in future.
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