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    All play and no study makes Rishi a happy buddy

    There are many such Rishis' around you. Only you need to find and observe them. Let me give you some examples of their daily activities. He is in our housing complex. Whenever I go near his apartment, I find him playing or jumping in the balcony. At times shouting or fighting with his elder brother and whenever I ask him about the studies he says he completed it online and he has no time for such things. The other day I asked him what really he studied during this period, he kept on jumping and told me to ask his mother about the subjects he studied. I dared to ask that.

    Another one is my cousin's son who stays in another state. Since morning he plays in the house and never talks of studying the books. Regularly he is forcing my cousin to cook some sumptuous dishes in the evening and recently started to think that he won't have to go to school anymore and the life will be all like playing and dancing. I asked one more kid here regarding the opening of his school and he happily told me to forget those things because according to him the school authorities told his parents to enquire about the reopening of schools after the Puja vacations. All of them are kids of almost the same age group and it seems they do not want to miss the chance of playing all day and they are really happy.

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    Yes, as long as they get to play, these kids are all very happy. Who likes to study anyway, that too, day in and day out through online classes. Actually, these kids are losing a lot, not in terms of education, but the opportunity to go to school, play with the other kids, interact with them and have lots of fun. Presently, they have to lead a very restrictive life within the fortification of their houses, not able to go out at all. So it is for parents and siblings to see that the youngsters at home get to have as much fun as possible. Study can take a back seat for the time being, especially for the small kids. To keep your sanity intact in this trying time, it is necessary that we are not short of fun.
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    This is a chance for them. They need not hear words from their parents or teachers for not doing the homework or not faring well in the examinations. No necessity of wearing a uniform and shoes. No necessity of carrying a heavy load in the form of books on his back. These all will make them happy. They may not mind spending time happily playing in and around their hoses when they have so many advantages. They may be missing their friends. But TVs and cell phones will compensate for that loss. So all the kids are happy and enjoying. One way it is good for them they will have some activity other than writing examinations and getting marks and ranks.
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    Some children are very playful and heavily pampered by the parents and they feel that they have all comforts at their disposal and studies is the duty of the parents and they are gifted to play many games on computer, cell phone and even jump in the balconies. Actually parents are to be blamed for such lethargic child. If one such child is around us they are capable of even spoiling a good child. I have seen one naughty child who never studies yet keep on calling his friends to play even during the pandemic lock down and every one chided the child and also his parent to follow the lock down and not send children to the society park for playing. We know that some kids are very lucky to having helping parents and grand parents and they are taken care of everything including studies on their behalf and thus this lethargic attitude.
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    Old rhyme
    Rain Rain Go away,
    Come again another day
    Daddy Mummy wants to play
    Rain Rain go away

    New Rhyme
    Corona Corona, Don't go away
    Stay with us for some more days
    I and my friends want to play
    Corona, Corona, don't go away.
    Oh! Daddy Mummy also wants to play
    Oh Corona, be with us, don't go away.

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    Not jut children, even adults like to play avoiding work. Their games are different. They play cards, they play gambles, some other amateur types play Sudoku, crossword etc. Some watch movies, some watch and participate in various other plays and games. When a child plays cricket full day we scold it. But when Sachin or Kohli do the same we take leave and watch it and the whole world watches it.
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    Play and mischiefs are parcels of children. They never get tired and are very energetic and in a playful mood every time. Whenever they get time, they will be ready to play. Be it indoor or outdoor, be in sitting, running or jumping, be it climbing or sliding, be it in summer, winter or monsoon, they are happy to play and at the lockdown period, they are on the cloud 9.
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    From the replies of the members, it is well understood that play is an integral part of children's lives. Not only children, but adults also play various games during the breaks as mentioned by Venkiteswaran Sir. Sun's new rhyme is good but there it's better to replace Corona with Holiday. Nobody wants this pandemic to stay but likes to enjoy the holiday mood.

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