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    Attending mobile telephone calls with understanding

    Nowadays, the mobile phones are in many number in one house. Almost all the houses departed with landline phones except in houses where senior persons live. I am seeing many people shrink their faces when they receive calls in mobile or landline as if they are busy. In many cases, persons saying they do not attend the phones if coming from new number as they are very smart. But they do not understand the caller may call on some urgency. A friend of mine used to say like this that is he do not attend the phone calls from unknown number or new number. One day a call came to his mobile by number but as usual he did not attend the phone. After an hour he received a call from his brother saying that their father got fainted on the road and somebody took him to hospital and from hospital he called over phone to him by seeing the number from his pocket note. The he rushed to the hospital to see their father but before his reaching their father passed away. What is the use of having mobile and telephone to such people?
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    It is an observed point raised by the author. It happens to most people as we tend to receive from our saved contacts. I too have faced such troubles. My family members try to call me to two to three times regularly then, I understand it is a call to be attended. It is rare cases, I get a call from unknown numbers.
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    True. These days the marketing calls disturb us too much frequently. That is why many people avoid answering calls which are from unknown numbers. But sometimes as mentioned by the author some incidents happen like this.
    True Caller is helping us very much in this case. Even though the caller is not our contact list, it will tell us who is calling and whether it is a spam. So when it shows spams we need not lift those calls. But we can respond to the calls which are from unknown persons but not span calls.
    I am continuing with my land phone also. I have to pay only Rs.150/- per month. So I am continuing that. But very rarely calls will come on that. Mobiles only will be frequently ringing. But sometimes on landline also these marketing calls or coming. That is very irritating. I have to go to the phone and lift it. Till then the phone will be ringing.

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    Also, Do not switch off your Mobile phones. There could be an emergency call at night. I have a bitter experience of keeping the phone off.

    Once I thought of giving rest to my mobile phone, I switched it off and went to sleep. At about 0230 hrs, My landline phone started ringing. When I picked up the voice said, " Your son is trying to contact you. Your mobile is off. Switch on your mobile and contact him. He has an urgent message for you." When I switched on mobile and contacted him, he conveyed a very sorrowful message about the sad demise of my near and dear family member. "

    Since then, I never keep my cell phone ' Off'. A lesson learned.

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    God forbid such bad emergency happenings.
    In normal life we do not think of emergencies every moment. We have to be prudent in normal way. The new technologies bring big new problems also. There have been reports of many wrong happenings leading from a wrong call or call from an unfamiliar numbers. Just because one guest may come one day we do not keep our door open all days.
    We have to be prudent as well as practical. Nowadays we are inundated with unwanted advertisement calls, wrong number calls and marketing calls. We have to first deal with everyday happenings. Otherwise let us keep faith in God and believe nothing untoward will happen. A fearful mind is more prone to bad than a confident mind with faith in God and fellow beings.

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