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    A query regarding the review system

    It would be very helpful , so to understand how the review system works . Does it require that content once posted for example article or a comment be reviewed in a given time limit or does it happen every weekend . Just a curious question ? .
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    Any article, query, anwser, information or even a comment is reviewed by editors of ISC. There is no set time limit. However, it is usually done within 5-7 days or sometimes early. But sometimes it may take time much longer than usual depends upon the number of articles or posts.

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    No Editor on this site is a paid full-time employee. They are also working as per their convenience. But generally, no article will be pending for more than 10 days unless otherwise there is a heavy rush. AE questions and answers will take a maximum of 3 days. But there is no fixed time for this editing. Anything posted on this site will be reviewed and action will be taken as deemed fit. So one to wait for his turn.

    always confident

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