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    Procrastination is a lazy man's nature.

    What is o be carried out should be carried out today. We should not think we will do it tomorrow. Postponing the work is a lazy man's nature. When there are time and chance why the work should be postponed for tomorrow. Postponing the work will be evil, in my opinion. Only a lazy man will postpone his work.

    It is important to take out laziness from our professional and personal traits. One should specify the works what he wanted to do on that day and be true to yourselves in making the list. Never think the task as a big task. Break down the work into small steps and attempt step by step. Then you will be completing the work without any hurdles. Never waste your time in thinking. Start doing and go on doing, the work will progress.

    So practice the tips and you will come out of procrastination.

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    I don't think procrastrination is only a lazy man's nature. It is human nature common to all. Everyone of us procrastinates, some to a lesser extent and some more. Those who are always into procrastinating, they lose a lot in life. Men and women who can keep it in check are successful. Most of us fall somewhere in between the two extremes. It is in fact very tough to get out of such mindsets. It takes a lot of will power and discipline to prevent us from delaying things and activities. Take for example, for posting for this thread a day challenge contest, most of the time I am posting a thread at the nth moment. Likewise, for other activities. Hope after reading this thread, some of us will be able to improve upon ourselves and stop procrastinating.
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    To postpone tings is a general human nature. However it is not a good habit. One should prioritise thing and give prompt and immediate attention to serious and important matters. One should categorise and prioritise them as those needing immediate attention and care and those which can be attended later.
    However sometimes by some rare luck or fluke delaying or postponing certain matters may end in favourable results too. But that is only by exception and not by rule.
    For example last month the electricity bills were very high. Most of the members know about that. In our state, as there were large protest from people the KSEB/govt announced that the bill amount can be remitted in interest free instalment. Had I postponed paying my bill I would have got that benefit, but I was prompt and by the time the announcement came, I had paid my bill. In this case all those who procrastinated would have been benefitted.

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    Procrastination of work will depend upon factors like its urgency, time available, resources needed, etc and many try to do the work beforehand, some on time and some gets it delayed. We cannot gauge a person by just their way of working or by their delay. Some delays are ineludible, some due to other emergencies, some due to health condition, some due to other factors. It is true that lazy people do postpone things as usual but as a human being, I think many of us might have procrastinated our duty many times knowingly or unknowingly. If we follow the tips given above, it will help us to complete our task within the stipulated time and even be tension free but as a human being or lazy, many postpone some tsk for later stage and at times, it becomes urgent and takes the toll of us. I would like to follow the tip provided i.e. Start doing and go on doing, the work will progress but many times I keep it for the next day and then the next day.
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    When we prioritise and decide the things to be done we should do it. We should not postpone it. If you feel you can do a work tomorrow and you have some other works to do today do that But don't sit without doing anything and postponing the things for tomorrow. That will be laziness only. Do the things what you decide to do today, If you postpone them also it is laziness only, I think.
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