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    There is no point in getting agitated on small matters

    Controlling ones temperament and divert one's thinking and attention to better terrains is required for a happy and successful life. This would be a wishful thinking because only a few of us have that type of capability to control our temper and most of us show our outbursts on small and petty matters. Further, an egoistic person would make a small thing looking as very serious and big issue and would expect 'sorry' from other people. In ancient times saints and sages acquired this control through meditation and Yoga and today we are being taught by our trainers that it works well. I strongly feel that we should try and seek methods and techniques to control our temperament and should not become agitated, irritated, and angry on anything that comes our way in our lives. What is the take of members on this?

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    If we get agitated and disturbed for small issues also our health will get affected. Our ability to solve the problems and face the challenges will come down. We will become fearful and very frequently we will lose out temper. So we should not lose our patience in testing times also. We have to inculcate the habit of being patient.
    We can achieve this through yoga and meditation. These will teach you how to focus. Once you know how to focus on an issue your mind will become and start thinking on a single issue at a time. That will help you in thinking positively on various issues and coming to an understanding. Once the problem is understood it is half solved.
    Once you know this technique you will have a stable mind and you can think very strongly about any issue and definitely you will find an answer also for the problem. Hence it is wise to know that we have to first concentrate on getting a stable mind.

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    Getting agitated itself is not good. So getting agitated for small matters is worse. It needs conscious self-training to control anger and shot-temper. We have to hear and get interactive with people who are generally calm and poised. By observing such people and subjecting ourselves to self analysis and review we can slowly become less short-tempered and not getting agitated over small matters. We should get involved in bigger matters so that we will gradually not make big issue on small matters.
    Nowadays breathing exercises and meditation trainig are easily available. It is good to join them and practice slf-controlthrouh meditation andYoga.

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    Every one has some natural traits inbuilt in him and it is not easy to get rid of them. They show up instantaneously in times of reactions created by that personality. If possible there is nothing better if one can control those emotions.
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    Whenever such unavoidable situation comes in our lives we should divert our attention to some constructive work.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I am a short tempered man. I got very angry even on small matter. And I can tell you meditation helps a lot in controlling you anger. I try to meditate 3-5 times a week which help me control my temper and ego.

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