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    While we have a good gate with one of our neighbours why not with other neighbours?

    My dear Fellow ISCians,
    With one of our bitter neighbour, we have a beautiful gate, where the ceremonial parade is held regularly every day with a flag-lowering ceremony at sunset with the marching of the guard and saluting with pride in a competitive manner. I am talking about the Wagah (Attari) border between India and Pakistan.

    India's border is shared by seven neighbouring countries on the land. Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar are the countries

    While we have given importance to the Indo-Pak border at Wagah border, why do we not have any such gate with other countries and conduct ceremonies like in Wagah gate?

    I never heard about any gate existing between India and the other countries.

    Are you aware of any such border gates and the ceremonies held there? Let us share.

    This is my 14/15 (14 July 2020) thread for ISC's 13th Birthday Challenge Contest
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    This depends on the terrain at those places. Even with the same neighbour though there is a gate and parade at one place in the border, it is not so in places where the terrain is mountainous and subject to extreme weather. This neighbour was residing in the same undivided plot and there was no separating fence or gate earlier. All these came later when the earlier siblings separated their ancestral wealth and started living separately. So a new fence and gate had to be created with modern facilities. Naturally it got importance due its novelty. This is an youger,errant siblig and the elder mature sibling just tolerates it.

    Similar examples can be seen in many families in our individual lives.

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