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    Trendy house interior with colourful walls

    The trend of house interior is known to all of us and the main part of it colourful walls. In fact, in a single room, the four walls can be of different but related colours. Do you like this colourful trend? I prefer to have a plain and light coloured wall inside the house or its rooms. It gives a bright effect to the interior and reflects the positive energy. It is not like that I like dull colours or so, I also like colourful things but for a house, I feel like it should have light shades of plain colours to feel the open space inside and to decorate it with bright showpieces, wall painting, curtains, etc. I have seen many newly constructed flats in Pune recently and witnessed this trend more closely but could not convince myself for such colourful walls. What are your views on his?

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    In fact, in a single room, the four walls can be of different but related colours. It needs elaboration.
    We have different concept between home and other public or private places. A hotel, a convention hall, a marriage hall etc can wear gaudy and loud colours and designs. However home being a place for rest and peaceful residency we do not make it as a riot of colours.
    Of course due to marketing techniques by paint manufacturers and those related in the interior design sectors people somehow try al lot of different shades, colours combinations and patterns. I have heard that in countries like Hong Kong where there is a space crunch they have foldable and adjustable walls. So the same room is turned into a living roommate bed room, a study room or office as per need. In such case the adjustable walls can be of experimental patters and paintings.
    I still like the old lime white washing. That gives a good light inside the room and prevents small crawling insects too.

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    We had been living in small accommodation where we cannot have different colours. It was only pure white and white. Earlier days, all the houses used to be white only, both inside and outside. Colouring the houses is a recent trend with development in paint technology.

    In 2018, I completed my own house construction, and I painted them differently. From outside, the house looks blue. The front wall decorated with wall tiles. My drawing-room is blue. My hall is ivory white. My bedrooms are pale green. And my kitchen, study and pooja rooms with pink. The bathroom fully tiled with pink tiles.

    The house look great with its colours.

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    "In fact, in a single room, the four walls can be of different but related colours. It needs elaboration." - I guess I should give an example for this. Suppose one wall of a room is having a texture of Red and cream colour and the adjacent wall is having a light yellow colour on it. Similarly, if one wall is having dark green shade, the opposite wall will have another shade of green to match.
    We are currently staying in a rented flat. One wall of the hall in this flat was having marron colour and the adjacent wall was painted with peach colour. We requested the owner to get it painted with light silent colours and he agreed for that. So, we shifted here only after that paintwork was done.


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    As trends are changing and new ways and methods are taking their place, new ways are coming in everything. Interior of the house plays a vital role and it will be as per the liking of the house owner. Some like it simple, some would like to play with colours, some with lights, some with curtains, some with paintings, etc. In recent times, I had seen many houses where they have one wall with different or contrast colour which will be the highlight of that room. The new trend of painting different colour on each wall, I have not seen and thus would not comment. I have seen the one's where only one wall is painted with a contrast colour and it looks very attractive and beautiful. I have painted a different colour in the exteriors blue with white and interiors with pink and white. The clour selection depends upon the owner as some like pale, some soft, some colourful, some dark, some bright, some executive, etc and this will be reflected in their house colour.
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    The colours on the walls are never thought very important in earlier days. We used to have whitewash only to all the walls. But later on the concept of paints and different colours.
    My wife will be deciding the colours to walls. In our house in our bedrooms, we will have different colours to different walls but all are light colours only. But in the hall light colours to three walls and the 4th wall will have a bright colour. Based on the colours she will be deciding the curtains to the windows and doors. 2 or 3 sets of curtains will be there and will be changing them as and when required. She selected all the sets in such a way that they will match the colours of the wall.

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