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    Why parents change themselves after the birth of children

    When a couple is blessed with a baby's birth all their care, love, affection, fondling get focussed on baby's up bringing. Even some parents' intimacy is also affected.

    After the birth of children the life style of parents is also changed. One of my cousins would spend a stylish life, keeping the pace with the latest fashion of the day. When he got married and his second daughter was born he was seen in grave mood when I asked him the reason he remained silent and told me that all the charm of life was finished then, he'd no more wish but hoping his daughters be brought up in best environment fulfilling all responsibilities of a father.

    A Nepali guy worked with me in a company. He was too short-tempered to bear a single harsh word but when he was married and first baby girl was born he changed himself. Oneday I saw him enduring quite silently all abusive rebuke by accounts manager. Later on I asked him how he could endure all those insulting remarks. He said,''Face of my daughter came in my eyes''

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    Yes. It is true. Initially a boy or girl once got married, they possess some moral responsibility in them and they start offer themselves and give up something for other rather than they do as lovers. Love is just blind as lovers do not see the other side of the other till they got married as they hide their other side during love. But once marriage is over they prepare themselves to live for other. The boy or girl once got a child attains a promotion and thereby their responsibility move further up. They tolerate many things. They do some care work for child. They cut down unwanted expenses as did before marriage or child birth. They want to spend time with the child more times. Many fathers cut down roaming and return home to see the prince or princess.
    Above all everything they do only for 'LOVE' in the real meaning and not love in the lovers before marriage.

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    Parenthood is the best gift that we receive as a couple and start a family of urs. When a couple becomes a parent their life revolves around their children. Even if they are prepared or not, when they hear the news that they will be a become parent, their joy knows no bound and they feel blessed. Some say parenting is a responsibility, some say it is joy, some say it is a blessing, some our way of procreation, etc but I would say Parenthood: A gift of happiness with responsibility as many gets this blessing without any preparation, some with struggle, some after years of trying, some when not ready, etc. A child gives birth to a parent and is a gift that is ours. We joy, happiness, ambition, etc is in them and we change accordingly. A slight change in the face of our children will pin us and we would want them to have a comfortable life which makes us work and achieve heights.
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    It is true that all the spendthrift attitude, style statement making moves and putting show off in front of others would end once the child is born. The parents get into well nurturing mode and they want their child to be best in the society. I have seen many parents giving International school education for the pre primary and this proves how much the parents would have saved money for the better future of the child. And the way they select the dress and forgo even their meals for the best of the child and I have even seen some mothers not going for too much dressing sense when the child gets bigger and wanted to settle in life.
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    Once a person got married his responsibility as husband/ wife will come and once they become parents their responsibility will further go up as a parent. When we are single or when we are with our parents we will have confidence on our parents and we will think that in case of any problem they will take care of us. But once we married we have the responsibility of taking of our wife/ husband. Then when we have a kid we have to care of the kid. Our mind will be thinking about their requirements and we will be thinking about making their requirements fulfilled. So we have the requirement for some money. So we are prepared to accept some hardships also in the process of getting some money. That brings a lot of change in our process of thinking and we will not give any importance to other issues. That will bring a big change.
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