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    Ill-fitting purchases

    We sometimes buy a readymade garment or get one stitched and think that it would fit nicely after just a general scan of it. Later we realize it did not quite fit as comfortably as we thought. However, this thread is not about clothes. It's about things we buy that we think will fit well as per our visualizations and on bringing it home it turns out to be an ill-fitting purchase.

    Let's consider a curtain. We diligently measure the door or window where it needs to be put up, checking the length and width. We go and purchase the curtain and eagerly put it on the curtain rod. What do we find? It is either too long lengthwise and trails on the floor, so it requires hemming; or it is too long widthwise so it gets all bunched up in the middle; or it is too short and there is a yawning gap where we didn't want one; or it is too slim and requires to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to fit the doorway or the window frame. So where did we go wrong? In measuring did we forget to factor in the curtain rod? Did we forget to consider the window ledge? We just have to sigh and somehow fix that ill-fitting purchase.

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    I would say that it is a poor planning by the buyer. If it is personal wear, we can take it to the trial room and know its fitness. But things like curtain, table cloth, cushion covers, etc, we should measure and carry the exact size before we go for the purchase. When we don't know how to dance, we should not blame the dance floor.

    This is why I suggest that every housewife must be a tailor to adjust to such situation. If the cloth is long, cut it and fit it. If the cloth is short, buy some additional cloth, stitch it and fit it. Make it a design. What we lose by doing it. Let us have home tailors at our home.

    I always do it. If someone dashes my Padmini and takes away her paint on her left, I patch her up on the left, also on the right to make it a design. No one will call it a patch work but a beautiful design.

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    Sometimes it happens. We think we have taken all the requirements correctly. But we may miss an important issue and that might have caused the problem. We should be able to manage the issues somehow and see that it will give a better look after we completed the modification. In the example given by the author, if there is a shortage in the length, we may have to add a border with a good looking and matching cloth so that it will look much better than when we purchased. These modifications will become a necessity when such problems come.
    Once my sons brought me a full hands T-shirt. After they brought it and I have seen that both the hands are not completely coming to a full length of my hands. Then we gave to our tailor and converted to half hands and the shirt is very nicely fitted to my body.
    We should be able to manage such issues in a wise way.

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    We are not experts in everything. When we are not very sure or not much experienced it is better to consult someone who is doing the job regularly. It may be a matter of some extra amount, but there will be someone to take responsibility and make it proper. I have learned from experience to follow this in my life.
    My view in a 2015 thread Do you prefer readymade clothes or stitched clothes? was:
    "When the stitching charges exceeded the cloth price, I tried readymade clothes. But as the readymade ones are made with standard measurements, some of them do not properly suit us. Then I tried some alteration. That was treatment worse than the disease.
    I am now left with a few pants which are neither useful to me or others. The stitched ones are also not better, but at least we can tell him to alter. It is very difficult to find a tailor for doing alteration.(in my place)."
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    Yes, it happens. Many times we buy things in hurry and some time we avoid exact measurements while shop. In relationship to outfits, not all shops are having trail rooms and many times we find a long queue there and avoid trial. In such cases, if the outfit is loose, the fitting can be done but if it is of tight-fitting, nothing can be done.

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    The phenomenon of ill fitting is very rampant nowadays as most of our purchases would fall in that category. Thanks to the tailors who are sitting outside of the garment shops that they make it fit to some extent and we are happy to get that alteration in our dress.
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    It has happened many times with me that I have selected or purchased things with the best of my knowledge and when you check it, it is either not fitting or looks different than what we thought. When we do a direct purchase, we have the chance or checking it and doing a mock-drill but when we make an online purchase, it happens which is unavoidable. While doing online shopping, we select the item, checks the size, the colour available, etc and then move it to the cart before going for the payment, we might have read in most of the online shopping that "the final product may vary from the one displayed." This one line works for them as when we receive the item, there may be a colour change. looks different, the size is different, etc and would have to exchange or return it. I don't know whether I will say it as an ill-fitting purchase but it can be the fault from their side which we have to close our eyes. Many are lucky and some are unlucky in the online purchase but sometimes, you get good deals and good products at a low cost.
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    No matter the exact measurements that we take, once in a while a purchase does go wrong. Consider a framed painting. We decide we will put it on the nail that is embedded in a wall. When we bring it home, the hook that is behind the frame may not quite fit on to that nail. So we either have to take it back for a new hook to be put on it or find another nail or another space altogether where it can be put up.
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    Sometimes we are fooled beyond our imagination and that happens naturally in spite of we taking so much precaution and even verifying the correctness of the thing we purchased. While the ready made garments can be tried and satisfied at the trying rooms and then decide to purchase. And as regards to frames and paintings, how that could be fixed right at our home and where should be decided before making purchases. But today morning when I purchased a butter pack of a famed brand, it was good and when it was opened to make the ghee the butter was giving the bad odor and the same was immediately returned to the shop and we got the new one. Here the packed butter could not give me any hint that it had the fungus present inside and only after opening the pack we found the problem. However we got the replacement and that ends the matter.
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