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    Ways to improve the quality of education..

    Education is the backbone for the development of a society and a country. But unfortunately the weightage of education and the educational system is deteriorating day by day. In order to start this initiative, the Government should transform the entire infrastructure of the education system. There are different ways to initiate this like the critical thinking abilities among the students should be encouraged. Research based education should be implemented in each and every college and schools. Apart from these, highly qualified faculties should establish in every educational sectors.
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    The orientation of education should be to impart good training to the students so that they will get some skills. But the present system is not focusing on this. They have a curriculum and the student will be examined through some examinations and evaluated. But there is no way of measuring the standard of the student and how far his knowledge will suit the requirement is also known. Education should see that they will be useful to the industry. Good coordination should be there between the industry and the institute. The experts who have worked in this industry should be invited to the colleges and make them teach the students so that there will be an understanding to the student about the application part of their studies to the need of the industry. These days UGC is trying to make some changes and trying to bring new dimensions to the education system. Let rise wait and see how far they will benefit the students as well as the industry.
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    Sir, I completely agree with you, but institutes should hire more capable and innovative faculties rather than checking the number of degrees they earn me, mainly stressed on the word CRITICAL THINKING that should must be encouraged in every education sector. The coordination and job opportunities are a later part because to be a cook first of all we need to know how to cook.

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    Education is a dynamic subject. It is like a flowing river. Many things enter into the stream at various places and various times. If they contribute to its betterment it is okay. But if they make it more dirty and congested and unmanageable, there will come some remedial measures. There will be periodical cleaning process by various initiatives. Some may yield good results some may not.
    Education sector also undergoes a lot of changes. Some add to its quality, some do not. Periodically all concerned voice their concerns and suggest rectifications or improvements. Some of them are accepted and implemented. It is like that all these days.
    As it is a dynamic subject it is always a matter of discussion and debate.

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    Education is actually an innovative phenomenon that does not has any boundary . Education is the another name of life it is not only limited in mugging up contents from books and passing the exams that most of the students judge education like this. This mind setting should be transformed for example, lots of divorce we get to hear just after a month or a year of marriage . Why it happens ? it happens mainly because of lack of in-depth education students just think that we have to pass examination and we have to get a job of a handsome salary package...That is a wrong way of pursuing education .Getting degree is not an education.

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    Agreed with your nice thought on education system.

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    Firstly, the students should know the purpose or goals for education. Keeping the purpose and goal as a reason for doing education, one can start education but the way of doing education should be for learning based in such a way that students will understand the values of the education and it will help them to keep the learning in the mind in the long run, rather than memorizing for passing the examination and getting good marks and store the learning concepts in the short term.

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    Welcome Shreyashi to this portal commonly known as ISC. You have initiated a good discussion and hope that you would be contributing regularly in forum as well as many other sections in this educational and learning site. So have a nice time here and contribute as well as learn and increase your knowledge.

    Coming to the issue, education always needs revamping as new things come in picture and there are changes in the industrial and business world and to cope up with that education requires course corrections on a continual basis. Modifications are an ongoing process and many progresses are already made in the matter but yes more is required to streamline it. There are many issues but everyone agree that education should be skill based and job oriented and should not be an academic pursuit only. We have a variety of educational institutes and some people strongly feel that some normalisation should be done in that aspect and higher fee should not be a criterion for a good institutes. Then there are concerns like limited campus recruitments and different mode of recruitment between the Govt and private companies. Students are directionless and do not know which direction they should move as after the education, practical counselling are very limited in their context and mainly done to earn some more fee from the students. So there are a large number of issues that the Govt has to tackle and find a solution and normalise the things so that our education system emerges as the world class one.

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    Quality education means to understand what is right to do, how to do and when to do. When we educate children, we work on their physical development, mental development and spiritual development. We make them understand that they should learn by doing mistakes.No need to hide the mistakes which are occurred by them. Every day children learn new things on the basis of old ones. When they get an education, they develop their understanding. Developing learning and understanding is education. They learn all about what is real and artificial. They develop their awareness. When their awareness develop they want to know every thing that is happening around them.
    Education is a way to spend lives in such a way, to realize the power of supreme. So don't hurt anyone with our words and deeds.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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