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    App or trap, be aware of social media

    These days people are very busy with social media sharing their personal problems. There is malware in a few apps and a few apps rob all the personal information for their investigations. So our information becomes their data, to build their final results.

    Beware of using your financial information's care while doing online purchases. Keep a track of apps in your mobile and attend to calls carefully as children present at home, tend to attend the calls to pass on information without your knowledge.

    It is also observed that people are trapped using their tracking procedures to hack their vital data. Have you come across such situations in your surroundings? Express your views.

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    True. On a daily basis, we exchange Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night messages with attractive postures. What I learned is - these are all Chinese creations. Such a message carries something that can take away information from our gadgets. All have been advised not to use this wishing facility with images and photos.

    My dear members, please avoid copying and posting such greeting messages from the net. Create your own messages to greet your relatives and friends. Even if you receive such images, please delete them immediately. Let it not remain in your gadgets.

    Be alert. Be careful, Beware. Kindly follow this three Bs to be free from viruses and hackers.

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    Correct. These days cyber crimes are more. Somebody will phone up from somewhere and say they are from Bank and ask some details. If we give them, they will grab all our personal information and even money from our bank accounts will get vanished also. We should be very careful. These days everywhere free wifis are available and while using that wifis if we do some financial transactions there is a chance some of the data may be stolen.
    Same is the case with social media also. Posting photos is also to be avoided. Ladies should be more careful about this. Some will send us friendship requests and once we accept the will start chatting with you. One fine morning they will say that they want to send a gift to you and ask your address. If you give they will send you something for which you have to pay heavily. One of my friends had this experience. So we should be very careful on social media and apps also.

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    We all use social media and even post pictures of everything. We update our personal information, birthdays, anniversaries, shopping, travelling plans, holidays, etc on the social platform and would wait to get likes or comment. We use many apps and install it on our smartphones which ask us to allow them to view our contacts, gallery, etc which can take our information without our knowledge. We have read of many scams and frauds where such vital information was collected by some apps and they use it to loot us. We should ve very vigilant while doing online transactions, sharing personal information or even saving it on our phone as these can be collected by such malware or phishing. It is always good to keep on changing our password, logging-out of every media once in a month, etc as this will help us to be alert and keep a track of our activities. It is good to be aware of social media and its fraudulent activities and be cautious about what we share and keep.
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    It is also a better option to clear chat in WhatsApp once in a short span of two to three days by downloading only the required information.
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