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    Desire and dissatisfaction ruin everything

    Power, position, wealth, and emotional expectation are the main hurdles in someone's happiness. Life has lost the charm of being satisfied in having the required things within a limit. The unwanted need has polluted people's mind, heart and soul. When one desires more than the requirement, then misdoings take place.

    Cravings must have a limit or else life will get ruined. It will finish not just one person but the whole family because everyone gets involved in malpractice when it's prevalent within the family members. Let's not become uncontrollable. We all must have the power to control our desire and remain satisfied with what we get through right means, or else life will teach us a lesson with a bitter pill.

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    Recently in another thread I had mentioned that Kama, Krodha, Moha , Mada,Lobha, ,Maatsarya are the six inner enemies every person has. Of this Kama and Moha can be connected to desire. Our enemies should not be allowed to conquer us. Desires should not be allowed to take over our mind. If we lose control of our mind then that will lead to destruction.
    All these six inner enemies are the cause of all man-made worries for humans. Those who can control these and win over them life will be peaceful.

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    Wishing for good things in life is a nice thing and one should try to achieve it through good path. But simply desiring something and not to do commensurate hard work would lead to dissatisfaction and frustration in outlives and we should avoid such situation.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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