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    Hydroponics: Grow your chemical-free vegetables yourself

    Are you aware of hydroponics? Nowadays hydroponics is becoming a very popular term and you can easily find hydroponics vegetables while shopping online vegetables. It is a horticultural method of growing plants in nutrient-rich water without soil. Many vegetables are being grown hydroponically, includes coriander, fenugreek, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, etc. We can also grow some leafy vegetable hydroponically at our home like mustard, coriander, fenugreek, etc. Due to less use of water in farming, this technique is catching more attention. In the future, this method will be more useful. Housewives can also grow their vegetables with great interest, as it is very simple and also cost-effective. It also requires less space and can be grown horizontally or vertically as per availability of space. You can easily grow vegetable at your balcony, which also gives an aesthetic look. In short, the hydroponics has much potential and can be used for growing chemical-free vegetable by balcony and terrace farming.

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    Seeing some Youtube videos on hydroponics we also tried in our home. But it did not come as good as shown in the video. Probably the Youtube video maker also would have tried many times and uploaded the video when it came nicely. Hope to try again with more preparation sometime later.

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    Nice information about Hydroponics. Had earlier read about it, but never gave it a try. Will like to learn more about it before giving it a try. Yes, very often what they show in YouTube does not always come true when you try it at home. This we experienced many times when we tried some recipes for food items at home after seeing them on YouTube. It would be nice if this practice of growing food at home can catch up with the general population. After all, it has so many advantages, especially during these crisis times when you have to sanitize or wash every vegetable or food that you purchase from outside. Moreover, the foodstuff will all be pesticide-free and you will be able to save some money too. The best advantage is, however, the feel-good factor that it is going to generate of being able to grow fruits and vegetables at home. Kind of becoming a micro farmer.
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