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    Importance of conclusion in an essay or article

    In sports especially the races and runs, many athletes make a perfect start. However they may not be able to keep that start advantage till finishing and may lose just by a last lap by another runner. Finishing is very important. The cameras capture that moment of finishing. That stays in memory and history.

    Similarly for an essay or article as in drama or movie, the ending, the conclusion or climax is important. It is the main takeaway for the viewers or readers. In an article it is "a closing paragraph that brings together the body paragraphs in a unifying theme"

    But conclusion is not just a summary. It is a thoughtful end to the writing. A proper conclusion in an essay or article gives the reader a feeling of completion and satisfaction.

    Based on the topics conclusion can include a brief summary, a relevant quotation to keep in mind, a forceful warning about consequences, and a generalisation. Though conclusion bears connection to introduction, it is not a repeat of introduction. Concluding paragraph should not bring a new point or argument on the subject. Conclusion is a "summary of what has been said or written and includes element of judgement or meaning of what has been said or written." A good conclusion for an article or essay is like the soft landing of an aeroplane taking you to your destination.

    (This is the fifteenth and concluding thread for A Thread a day Challenge contest)
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    For an article, the introduction and the conclusion parts are very important. The introduction part would say what the article is going to talk about, and the conclusion part would say in a nutshell what has been told, and what the author expects from the readers. One may or may not read the article entirely, but is very important to read the head and tail of the article. Therefore, an author should spend more time in introduction and conclusion.
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    In a relay, the main is the starter and finisher. We normally place the best of the two in these points. You need to have a good start to keep you in the race and you need a good finisher who can make you win. In the same way, in an essay, articles, dramas or movies everyone would be hitched looking or reading the start or the introduction and with that power, they will read or watch the full essay or movie patiently to find the conclusion. As the introduction is important so also its conclusion as many remember the conclusion and gauge your essay or article or movie or your race with how you concluded.

    In the "thread a day challenge" contest of posting one thread each day for 15 days, is well accepted and everyone has tried their best to complete the challenge. Today is the concluding day and I hope that every participant reaches the finishing line and colourfully complete their race.

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    It's important to end the work in a perfect way and that's why one has to conclude it with something important so that the flavour remains intact. Writing a conclusion is very important but if you overdo it will not look good. In many memorable games, players do such things that remain in the minds of the spectators forever. Playing the game and receiving awards are a part of it and there are players who conclude it by throwing away their jerseys or the ball with which the game is played. It is always something special and becomes easy to recollect. Similarly, you may not be able to remember everything mentioned in the body of the article but it will be easier for you to remember the concluding point. It remains the reader/viewers connection with the complete work.

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    Conclusion can be considered as a show stopper. It gives a gist of things narrated and explained in the write up or article. A good conclusion will make the reader satisfied with what he read.
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    A good introduction to an essay creates interest in reader to go further. If the content is not good in the middle the conclusion also may not be good. Sometimes the introduction may be good and the content may not be good and automatically the conclusion may not be good.

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    The introduction gives the basic idea so as to enable the readers to start reading. Conclusions make the readers reply to an article. It can either ask questions to the readers or provide suggestion and solutions to the problems.
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    To win a relay each lap is important. If the first runner does it fast and the second and third also do it fast, the last runner will have an advantage. He will have the confidence that he can do it. If that advantage is not given to him he will be tensed and may do a mistake and may lose. So every participant should do well for a comfortable win.
    In the same way, I feel in an article also each section will have its importance. If the introduction is not good enough to push you to read the body, you may not read the entire article. So the introduction is also important and plays an important role. In the same body and the conclusion. Each part should be given importance and see that the reader will complete the article with interest.
    But writing a conclusion is also not easy and it should be written properly so that the message you want to spread will go the reader without any problem. The ending will have an impact and we see in almost all the movies the climax will be planned in such a way that the viewer will be happy while going out.

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    When we want to write an article or story the introduction matters the most as we have to reveal the features and characters of each person and their traits and like wise while concluding also all the living characters must be given the right place of climax and then end the story. Even in movies they take us to the intense final climax and invariably the hero and heroine would be the eventual winners against all odds and all those evil mongers are either killed or made to compromise to tow the idea of the main characters. But in Tamil Cinema Aval Oru Thodarkadhai Director Balachander chose to kill both the hero and heroine much to the chagrin of the movie watchers and for the first time a director fame or Balachander has ended the movie on a sad note and that was so moving and even today we can remember the Sarita and Kamalahasan starer with much dedication.
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    The result or the principle that comes out after discussion, thinking, etc is called the conclusion when we write an essay we mentioned many things and ideas into this all information which we like to share with everyone we can mention it in the essay. we always start an essay with the introduction here we describe the motive behind writing the essay at the same moment we need to clarify what should be the conclusion of the full body of the essay.

    The conclusion is a summary of your entire essay which must be clear and sharp as much as it can provide all information regarding your essay.

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    When we go to a restaurant or a hotel for food. After we have finished and the waiter walks in to take away the crockery he brings in the finger bowl. It is to clean our hands. I think that concluding paragraph is just like that. No matter how good one has written an article but if he/she has not been able to conclude it in the closing para it is like rubbing your eyes with your unwashed hand after eating food.
    Writing is an art and it has to be developed through reading. If you have a habit you reading and understand the topics then only you can end your article with a proper concluding paragraph.
    Try to summarise your entire article in the last para and leave a suggestion or a question so that your entire topic haunts the reader.
    The author has rightly mentioned that concluding para is a safe landing ground and should not have questions or a new addition to the topic.

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