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    Don't hold a Damocles sword over anyone's head now...

    The hapless servant-maid is out of work in many gated communities and townships. It is not her fault at all. When the middle-classes have a bit of money, they can manage. They also work from home.

    But the poor servant maids and such others do not have any security at all. They need our support. Similarly, there are so many employers who have acted ruthlessly and sacked so many people now. You just cannot have a Damocles sword hanging over anyone's head now. When the so-called lockdown is relaxed and the production starts once again, the same employee, the same worker, will prove to be your main strength. It does not pay to keep them in a tight leash now and with a Damocles sword hanging over their head. To the maximum extent possible, in spite of some cuts in salary, which is understandable, the employees should be taken care of.

    And people like the servant maids should be paid in full so that they have their head over water. The poor people deserve our help and our assistance now. Similarly, if the rich come forward with serving the poor with cooked food, encourage such efforts through your voluntary contributions so that the poor can at least survive this crisis. Never have the Damocles sword over anyone's head now...

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    It is worthy to say have not to keep the Damocles sword over anyone's head now as everyone is fighting hard to make both ends meet. As many do not have work from months like the one quoted i.e. maidservants, etc, we should try to help them in the best possible way. Your suggestion of paying the servant maids in full so that they have their head over water is like we getting drowned. We have mids to help us in our home so that we may be able to tally our house budget but in time when we ourself are not having work and are at home waiting for the lockdown to lift-up, how can we pay them in full. We are managing our house-chores as we are at home and waiting for the office to start. We too are facing the same crisis as that of maidservants but we cannot cry, yell or tell anyone as we are afraid of our standard in the society. We can help them with some donations and other essentials but cannot pay them in full as we ourself are falling short of money.
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    The situation is not that alarming as claimed by the author. The market has open up, the industries have started functioning and the companies are opening their branches and offices. Slowly the things are coming to the normal and even in the case of domestic servants the masters are ready to call the same servant and even given increased salaries. But in a reverse case some servants refuse to join the work citing that in the same apartments some positive cases are reported earlier and thus fear to visits those houses which are in same apartment. Now what the author would tell for this reverse happening.
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    There are many people like that. The auto drivers, the roadside shop vendors and street vendors. Many employees in small companies, Dhobhis and the list go on endless. I am seeing many people worrying about their food. I have a driver and a servant maid. For both of them, I am paying their full salaries. They are not coming to duty from March 21st. Even today also my servant maid is not coming. From the 1st of this month, the driver is coming. But no work. Just come wish and bo back. If any work is there we will call him. He stays nearby and comes when we call him. But is it possible for all to pay like this? There may be some families having more than one driver and one servant maid. Can they pay? But as mentioned by the author people should consider and see that they will no go without food. Let us be helping them and see that they will have their food.
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    The situation is not that bad as the author thinks. We are not in a lockdown stage. We have unlocked it and are living as before. Many maidservants have resumed their work. Many have shifted their work from domestic to construction. Many families have helped their maidservants by paying their dues. My maidservant has returned to her work. Yet I support the points raised by Varghese about paying the wages to the servants, when we are not being paid by our masters.
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    I am curious about the Damocles sword you kept mentioning. The legend of Damocles is that, he is a subject of Dionyses. He praises the good fortune of his king and imagines his majesty has no problems. For this, Dionyses offers his throne to him for a day. Damocles could enjoy all fortunes of his king. But a sword, hanging by a horse hair, will always be suspended over his head, to remind him of the enemies a king needs to handle. That began to be known as Damocles' sword.
    I remembered that in my office we used to have a maid. For some reason she has not come to our office since lockdown. We only work on alternate days so I did not care to ask about her whereabouts. Maid-servants have it the worst. Daily wage workers and maids go to different places everyday to fulfill their needs and during the pandemic they are deserted.
    We must have a way to preserve them. Maids and wage workers should have associations presiding over them. They must be insured and safeguarded. That is my takeaway from Corona pandemic situation.

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