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    And the love affair continues!! -- even now

    Try as hard as one might, matters technical are always tough to solve. Hardware problems, I guess, would take the life out of you and me.

    One month ago, two black boxes started appearing on the left and the right-hand sides of some of my contributions, including articles, which is my bread and butter. I thought it will go away like the Coronavirus.

    But this deadly computer virus has fallen in love with me. It is just not allowing me to concentrate. Combined with the on and off firing that I get from my wife, ( a reputed school teacher, now handling classes online from home), the deadly combination is even more severe!!

    If there is any hardware expert among our Members, please do chip in with your valuable guidance. The hardware problem does not appear on any other page or in any other file. It sometimes happens, for reasons that am still trying to find out.

    Please do help me, if you can please can..
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    I am not promising you to solve the problem you are facing but may try. Whether it's related to any hardware or software or something else can be understood if you can post some good screenshots of the problem. You have mentioned that you have never faced the problem with any other page other than this website. Is it related to a particular few posts or there is no such thing? If it is related to a few particular post of yours you may recheck the HTML tags you used in those posts. It is better if you provide some screenshots along with the exact details of the problem.

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    Have you ever tried to work with a different computer or laptop or android phone? Are you experiencing the same in other gadgets? First, check this, and let us know the result.

    If you do this, the real love can be understood well.

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